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And who hasn't sat on one of those benches in the middle of a gallery room, wondering who the color genius was that chose those wall colors and how could you incorporate those into a living space. Completely love this idea.

"'Tomorrow' will transform these galleries into an apartment belonging to a fictional, elderly and disillusioned architect.
The domestic setting will appear like a set for an unrealised play. A script, written by the artists, will be available for visitors as a printed book. Visitors will be able to explore the apartment, sit on the sofa and read the inhabitant’s books and magazines."

The V&A has commissioned leading contemporary artists Michael Elmgreen and Ingar Dragset create an installation within the V&A museum.

If you're in London in the next few months, will you go check this out and report back to me?

 k. thanks.


MJH DesignArts said…
This takes me breath away. Thank you for opening my eyes.
Susan Windsor Jones said…
My God...we would be SO good at this! Let me know if you hear back from anyone who sees it in London.

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