I see the light

When we first moved into the new house, the kitchen had one of those, Ingo Maurer, "Zettel's 5" fixtures hanging above the kitchen island.

And while it was romantic, interesting, thoughtful and had a nice way of diffusing light, the two of us, we weren't meant to be.

 That, and I've been eyeing the, oh-so trending, industry standard parts fixtures - DIY or BIY (depending on your wallet, resourcefulness and general level of patience to sanity matrix). Because complicated puzzles are my Ritalin, and $150.00 seemed a little easier to spend on a trend than 4k, I chose DIY.

Lindsey Adelman who, from what I can tell, really brought this trend into the spotlight, makes some really cool versions. Which you can purchase, pre-made. For a lot. BUT she has also,  put together this awesome kit that only requires your patience and a handy electrician.

Sure it's not for the squeamish. But, it's completely doable, and like I said, oddly calming to create.

Here's what you get in the box:

I should note, they don't give you the wire strippers, hammer, measuring tape nor scissors. Also, that fabric covered, black cord is one I had ordered, thinking that I might need more wire. They do send you that nicely coiled gold wire. 

Then you down load this pdf and prepare to have your eyes start to spin a little. But, hold on, it's cool. Because it comes together pretty easily.
Explode Your Brain, View.
Thank god for Juan.

Lights on,

Isn't it so great??! I'm totally stoked.

A few other joints around Cali that sell pre made Industry Parts Fixtures (there must be a better name for these things) 

Big Daddy Antiques - SF and LA

And I hear that you can find some great ones at the Rose Bowl Flea. 


Oh love this!!! The directions sheet sort of does give me a headache but I guess you just go at it one part at a time. Have a great labor day weekend, hope you're doing something fun! We're off on a roadtrip.
Love it! It looks very chic. And the white fur chairs and hat display is pretty cool as well.

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