nice braids

because i exposed that photo of katie brosnahan (aka 'kate spade') i was feeling a bit like a 'heather' and the sting of the karmic spank is no joke.....hence, i thought i should come clean with my crystal gale length braids of that era:
this would be me -on the left-same year book. (that's katie's sister on the right)


Man, Megan...those braids are long, sistah. Like, if you twirled you could whip someone.

Karmically, I think you've done the right thing. I don't know that I could have posted my is-she-a-boy-or-a-girl 3rd or 4th grade picture. But, I didn't have whips for hair either.
beachbungalow8 said…
they're long and wrong.

i wouldn't let my mom cut my hair. i was one of those emotional wrecks that had her ego wrapped up in her hair.

maybe this has something to do with naming my child delilah. i took back the power subconsciously (sp?)
Delilah....yeah, and how much you two look alike with this picture!! And Sean's oldest, too. And all so beautiful.

cotedetexas said…
so adorable even then! my old pictures show someone (a freaking freak) with a head full of frizz and a pair of pearlized cat glasses, OH and not to forget a pair of eyebrows to match the Marx brothers. zeesh. once, when I was biking with my brother, a boy yelled at me - FRIZZBALL! My poor brother felt so bad for me. Still, that wasn't as bad as the day in the supermarket when another guy said, Rosanne rosannadanna, as he held his hands out by his ears, I kid you not. I longed to look exactly like you when I little with straight long hair. Now, it costs me a lot of money at the salon.


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