mia bossi

the other day, while at barneys i ran through the kids' section (i don't get to indulge in this department these days unless a friend is having a baby) all of the tiny and adorable french, italian and japanese lines that i used to shop. and there on a shelf were some killer-ridiculous baby bags. currently, i have no need for these but if you're with child.....(and budget isn't too much of an issue) please buy one of these for yourself. or someone you love.........a lot.
so well made, they're sort of hable construction meets, hermes.....
meets gucci, circa 1983...
meets prada sport 1998..... meets more hermes.... meets chloe...... meets the " i'm so waisted" criteria...... again, the waist bag, is looking better every time i see a cool incarnation. this is more like a bottle holster. which has got to make any new mom feel like a total bad-ass.
miabossi at barneys


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