Thursday, January 31, 2008

friends and family!

i've been having so much fun yapping in your ear, over the past year that i haven't added a lot of you to my blog crushes. this is your turn: let me know if you're not on my blog role.
and btw....i'm a total drive by lurker. i'm on your blogs more than you realize. just creeping by in my windowless white van. rarely leaving comments. but you all inspire me and some of you (you know who you are) give me total performance anxiety.

Wednesday, January 30, 2008

turn that racket down!

is this music addition completely annoying? i was giving it a test drive. but i'm thinking music is so subjective--it may be the blogger version of the guy in the fiero, with shakira cranked.

50 years of egg

danish architect, arne jacobsen's iconic 'egg chair' turns 50 this year. in honor of it's anniversary,
fritz hansen will be launching a limited edition egg chair (999 will be made) each will have an engraving and a book. the engraving will include a brief description of the chair's history.
over the years there have been many interpretations of this lovely, organic design: note the tord boontje version (thank you for this montage, notcot)
i love it. check out TARGET's take on the egg chair.....
a classic never goes out of style. the golden egg, turning 50 this year.

Tuesday, January 29, 2008

bed head

sometimes, when i eat too much, i'd like to have one of these strapped on. so i can take a little nap. (pillowig -joo youn paek)
thank you petunia face

text bowl proposal

just in time for valentine's day. so sweet. the dish is about 3" in diameter. tiny text bowl proposal in a box . by paloma's nest. your s.o. can buy this, * here *

painting a day- abbey ryan

i love this gal's work. abbey ryan, a painter from Philadelphia, creates one oil painting a day and has been doing so since last September (2007)
they're the perfect treasure size (most are around 5" x 6" but some are as small as 2" x 3"). little delectable morsels of art. in that i mean, the perfect size to perch leaned against books on a bookcase, a tiny jewel waiting to be discovered. or maybe placed on plate stand , to sit upon a pile of your favorite coffee table books.
she sells her work on her site ryan studio. and I'm sorry to say that a couple of these are already sold.....
but hey! tomorrow's another day.

schwing for swag

hi. it's me again. the blogger who gets all the incredible SWAG. technically, that acronym stands for 'stuff we all get' so maybe it's more like SIOG -stuff only i get. whatever i'm just thrilled when, again, i open my mail box to THIS:
remember that great shop in brooklyn, 'blue ribbon general store'? the owner, ann lopatin, sent me a birthday ball! ok, i've mentioned that i'm sort of like the blog version, of the pathetic girl at the bar who turns to putty when any guy says she's cute. but really, i'm picky. i may be a complete whore when it comes to the compliment bait. but in the end, i only like the nice ones (with great product)
thank you ann, and anyone else who is gearing up to send me SIOG ( john robshaw, john derian, jeanine payer, jutta neuman , ruthie sommers etc) . you're making me the envy of my little blog hood.

Monday, January 28, 2008

kitchen fashionista- the terry jacket

did your parents have these when you were a kid? i remember stumbling upon a drawer of these and thinking, 'damn, i just hit the mother lode of sweat bands' i spent the rest of the summer with these firmly planted on each wrist. they're available at vermont country store. 8 for $8 (7.95 but whatever)

shut it.

thank you, in(side) the loop for this great find:
don't we all wish we had these at times?

the balenciaga blazer knock off

it's a good thing that i'm not a fashionista, because i'm still enjoying a look that was shown LAST fall. but this is largely because it's a classic. and i know it's a classic, because here's my mom and some old dowager ( in the back )circa 1975, sporting it (mom is that a dickey i see?)
this jacket. this great piped 'blazer' (that word makes me shudder-'welcome back kotter'= blazer to me) is such a classic. a great little somethin' somethin' that will turn any casual look, into instant high fashion chic. not everyone can afford the price of balenciaga luxury but fear not...j crew makes a fantastic runner up:
i've tried both of these on. they're incredibly well made. double faced wool. nice inner jacket detailing. the works. and here's the beauty thing. right's on sale for $99.00. bar-go-nie

bed, bath & beyond high thread count sheets, are not.

i've always been suspicious of discount department stores carrying 'high thread-count sheets' and now i feel vindicated: in february of 2003, massage therapist, april white purchased '800 thread count' sheets from bed bath and beyond for her massage tables (in an attempt to replicate the bedding at the ritz carlton)
upon washing the sheets, she was immediately disappointed. they were scratchy. not lovely and hotel-y
but here's where the story gets good (or just weird) she actually sent them to a TEXTILE FORENSICS lab to have the thread count TESTED. did you know such a thing existed? (see i actually teach you things on this blog)
the result? 408. as one writer put it, bed bath and beyond has become, "the enron version of dry-goods"
white's feeling was that bed bath and beyond was "preying on people by getting them to buy products for a higher price than they're really worth" so she sued them!
and she now stands to receive twenty-five hundred and some lawyer fees paid. personally, a lot of work for a little reward. but i see that it was important to her.
also: if you purchased bedding tagged, “plied,” “two-ply” or “2-ply” from Bed Bath & Beyond between August 1, 2000 and November 9, 2007, you may have a claim for benefits in a proposed class action settlement.

thank you!!!!

although this is a funny and unconventional way to 'thank' my dear friends, i'm doing it anyway. i'm doing it because this is my way of shouting it from the highest point and saying "THANK YOU, I LOVE YOU EACH"
what a touching, warm, laughter filled, champagne tinged afternoon you created for me. weekends like this, remind me that i am truly blessed.
a few of my fabulous friends and the mouth watering menu
thank you for creating this gorgeous table scape ( shells and beach glass-so pretty) yellow may not be my best color i've decided.

Friday, January 25, 2008

peace out

POLAROID #02, originally uploaded by Sakazoh.

"hello, my name is elif and i'm 16 years old"

remember that turkish kid i told you about? elif? she's at it again. lord. she's amazing. check out her website or her flickr page to learn more about this last shot. truly beautiful.

Thursday, January 24, 2008

girly stuff

my gals are throwing a pre-nuptial party for me this weekend and i am SO excited. i love this illustration by artist, mendy of texas

rowena dugdale mail

the other day i received a really sweet email from a reader. name: rowena dugdale. pinhole polaroid photographer.
while she was at it, she sent me a link to her work. not unheard of. the compliment-bait, the link...and so on. i'm always a sucker. and honestly, it's like manna from heaven most of the time. there are some serious bad-ass artists out there, and i love hearing from them. this would be one of those times. first of all, how can you NOT love that name. so utterly british it tickles my toes. secondly, her work is so, so lovely.
and get this, i tell her how much i admire her work, and just like that *snap* she sends me one of her pieces.
"i create photographic prints using pinhole camera, polaroid, photogram and traditional darkroom techniques."
if you like photography, she has some really unique and ethereal pieces available. definitely worth a stop in. and for more info about the polaroid pinhole technique, click *here* so on this gray rainy, london like day, i was thrilled to go to my mailbox and receive this beautiful piece of art work. it's going right next to my desk. where all the magic happens.

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

under my umbrella , ella ella

america, be on alert WE HAVE WEATHER!!! the bouncy, in your face, maniacal cheerleader weather of l.a. has just been given the full-palm face plant and told to 'sit your giddy ass down'. yes, a lovely, moody storm has just pulled in to town. and i for one, am so happy. at last, i can dust off my wellies and pull out an umbrella. and this is my pick:
seattle's, pare umbrella
these lovely nylon plumes were inspired by the umbrellas seen in tokyo. they're hip, elegant and fun. the perfect accoutrement to any outfit on a rainy day.
i love the construction of these. total mary poppins, british banker accessory.
brass hardware pin dots? on navy? love it.
and when those crazy happy-head blue skies come back to spread their bake-sale cheer, they become beautiful art pieces for your home.
i love a rainy day

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