Wednesday, April 2, 2008

bed head

i was texting while driving today (drexting) and i mentioned that nick (new husband) was going to be having a party at his house in a few weeks. sort of a last hurrah at the bach. pad. ' his house? he still lives there?'
in short, yes. i'm married and my husband lives in his own house. over there. different, neighborhood, in fact, different city.
i haven't seen him this week. no wait, that's not accurate, monday i was over there prepping his house for a rental showing. and then i saw him at a parent teacher conference. myself, my ex and my 'now' (i've created a support team for my children. see nay sayers? multiple marriages can be good for the kids) and a dinner here and there, but other than that, not a lot of face time.
as of today, it's official, the house is rented. nick moves in, in one month. (we do things our way. it works. trust) also moving with nick are a (very) few pieces of his furniture (and 2 giant dogs). in particular, a king size bed, which i'm crazy about. LOVE the big bed. which means, time to change up 'megan's beach bungalow bedroom' (ad naseum noted ). i've been helping others with their little nests, now it's all me. i couldn't be more thrilled....about it all. my first issue is the actual bed. i've posted on the old 'flog' about this before. but now i have to get down to bin-ness.
currently i'm sleeping with a bed that i purchased at 'summer house', in mill valley (CA) . it was the mid 90s and shabby chic was enjoying its full rumply regalia. while, i could never fully commit to this look, oddly, i loved the bed then and still do now. it works well in the room. the scale is perfect. i like the white against all of the wood. but it's the wrong size for the forth coming mattress. initially i thought about a four poster, canopy, something with fine bones. completely different from what i have currently. but, in fact it was all of that , wood boniness, that was bothering me. i have this carpet that reads dark and i have a lot of dark wood happening already. too much dark, too much wood for this room. i'm considering changing out the carpet too, but that's a future post. i've decided to go with a padded headboard. i'm vacilating however. canvas? slip covered?potterybarn slip no, maybe an upholstered with a nail head then should i go with a solid color? pattern maybe
i love this david hicks' 'herbert's carnation weave'. a simple two colors perhaps. i'm a sucker for resist fabrics too. and schumacher makes a few that i dig this from house beautiful.
both the china seas and alan campbell lines at quadrille make me really happy. galbraith & paul perhaps? designer's walk is always a winner too but, is that too much of a commitment? commitment to investment- that's some serious yardage in the end, it's not something i'll want to change in the next few years. and commitment to bedding choice. you limit yourself in some of these instances.
with all of the really amazing bedding out there right now, madeline weinrib, john robshaw & les indiennes being the crowd i like to run with... maybe i go with a basic, neutral head board. any thoughts?


Anonymous said...

Basic neutral headboard...color and pattern in bedding that can be changed whenever the mood strikes or the trend changes.

Martha said...

Have you checked the Italian Campaign Canopy bed by Anthropologie?

Martha B.

erika - urban grace interiors said...

love them all! i'm chomping at the bit to change my slipcovered headboard out already... and i've only had it a year. it's a pattern and I'm tired of it. so I say go with a solid (on non-trendy)... then throw-in a bolster or bedskirt in pattern. I LOVE all your fabric options!

S.HOPtalk said...

I'm relatively new around here...hope you don't mind if I chime in. I would go with the solid neutral and then mix and match with pillows and bedding. I had the off white solid slipcovers in my living room and traded them in for color and pattern–I totally regret it 1.5 years later.

Just my $.02. :)

I LOVE your blog by the way. {Isn't SummerHouse a great store...haven't been there in years}.

beachbungalow8 said...

thanks you guys, i am pretty much going with the solid. i'm too fickle to commit, to a pattern. so my thoughts are one of those great, chanel like silk tweeds from silk trading company. and then, mix it up with the bedding.

yes, i did consider the italian campaign bed. and it's still in my head as a possibility. that's such a great bed isn't it?

Smitty said...

You have some great choices to ponder...neutral is always a good bet! I'm doing some redecorating myself and was just wondering: is that David Hicks carnation weave pretty expensive?

mamacita said...

I've pondered the question of upholstered headboards myself. I love the idea of propping myself up against it and reading in bed, but that means my head and hair on the headboard, which means it will need to be washed, which means slipcover.

Also, king-size beds rule, but with a traditional bed frame it will absolutely dwarf everything else.

Anonymous said...

Do those special theme throws come as KingSize bedspreads?

If they're too small for a bedspread, use one to upholster the headboard.

There's your answer.

(You're welcome! !)

Anonymous said...

Have you considered the Collette Bed from Crate and Barrell? It is stunning and very neutral w/ great texture. Love all the linens you're choosing...but also I might consider Dwell Studio Bedding (great patterns and quite appropriate for both sexes).

beachbungalow8 said...

oh the THEME throws fashioned into a headboard. brilliant. you see, this is why i put these questions out there. i'm going to ebay now to find a precious moments theme throw.

i'll check crate and barrel. i love dwell, and have used it in the past. i just don't think their general colors, will work with all the other components.

simply seleta said...

From one beach girl to another, you may want to consider a sea grass upholstered headboard. I saw the most stunning one done by another designer a few months ago when I went to pick up some pillows from my workroom. It was simple, elegant and had great texture. I agree with solid headboard. An upscale burlap in a bed skirt is stunning also.

Bedding can be changed according to seasons and moods.

Your fabric choices are delightful.

trish said...

I would do a neutral and then you could make a patterned "band", made like a tablecloth, and tuck and pin it behind and under for a bang of seasonal color. Kind og along the ideas that hotels have been doing with the "scarf" at the end of the bed instead of a full spread. You could even get a custom headboard with loops at the top to tie in to...Just a thought...

beachbungalow8 said...

that's a really cool idea.

cerenna said...

Love that about velcro at the top of the band to attach behind the top of the headboard and another piece of velcro to secure it behind the mattress at the base of the headboard?
Right now my headboard is fabric taped to the wall until I figure out what shape upholstered headboard I want. I'm a decorator and for months my headboard has been taped on!...the cobbler has no shoes.

beachbungalow8 said...

i hear you. being in the business, and then having to decide for your own personal space. it can be torture. SO MANY OPTIONS!

you may have something there. the velcro idea could work on a basic headboard. it would give you the option of changing out often.

Cote de Texas said...

Megan: the anthropologie bed or one like it, can not be beat - the iron would look so good in your room and you could layer the canopy with gorgeous white linen. It would be a cocoon within the bed with your high ceilings. truthfully I can't imagine a better choice! otherwise, just do an upholstered bed - with a large curve in the middle, high, nailheads, bold check = wait = that's my headboard - want to buy it? AND why am I not surprised he hasn't moved in yet? hahahaa!!! you are too funny! think iron anthropogie bed, let me know what you decide - I can't wait to see the results.

Maryam in Marrakesh said...

ooh, these are all fabulous but I am the kind of girl that totally wants a printed headboard that makes a statement. M- do you have any idea where a custom headboard could be made in LA?

Thank you so much!

Beddig said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
beachbungalow8 said...

please don't use this blog to generate revenue without asking me first. i am happy to discuss with you my rates.

beachbungalow8 said...

hi maryam,

i'll shoot you an email with some names of good bed fabricators here in l.a.

Jessie said...

Drexters for life! (Don't tell my Mom.)

I don't know why, but once I saw the carpet that is in the room... I immediately thought of a navy (not too dark, though) raw silk for the upholstered headboard. Too Matchy Matcherson? I love the look of different blues paired with whites.

I am having some bedroom decor issues, as well - would love your input!

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