Tuesday, July 22, 2008

fashion meets compassion

whenever i consider being eco friendly in my fashion choices, i quietly think, "i'll just stick to my part by not using plastic bags"
because 'eco friendly fashion'? this scares me. will i be relegated to polar fleece and hemp clothing ? {although i almost had my wedding dress made from bamboo} unbleached cotton? reused tire fragments? i'm just a girl who wants her carbon foot print to be made by something more fashionable than a croc.
and i try to buy vintage, but honestly, the smell is just too much for me. i want to be kind to this old earth, but can't i be cute while doing so?
this is why i'm thrilled that i've found the perfect place for a girl like me...
arboretum {in the cute little wine country town of healdsburg ~northern califronia} so chic, so eco aware and fair labor compassionate. this beautiful space is filled with some of my favorite designers, including, virginia johnson, jutta neumann, cb i hate perfume i had no idea that these designers fell under that umbrella of green goodness.
stopping by over the weekend {while up there for a wedding}, i picked up some delishi-oso finds such as these shoes, by uk based, 'beyond skin'
and this super cute little crocheted number by stewart + brown clothing:
they carry great jewelry too {one of my faves, melissa joy manning is a new designer for them} and it doesn't stop with me, they also have great stuff for the guys. gorgeous shirts, pants and shoes. all with the same responsible practice in mind.
332 headslburg ave.
headlsburg, ca 95448


BonjourBruxelles said...

All that goodness under one roof? Must.check.out.aboretum (and not the one down the road in Jamaica Plain).


Jersey Girl in DC said...

Those shoes are SO cute! And I feel the same way about vintage - I hate anything that smells funny or "feels" kind of dirty... I try to make use of old furniture when it's been handed down to me by my grandparents, but otherwise I love distressed items that are actually new. Not exactly eco-friendly, I know, but I'm trying! :)

Tracey said...

Oh- to live in your neck of the woods. I am envious. Darling shop!

caro said...

where can i get my open pair of those really cute shoes!

beachbungalow8 said...

call arboretum. they have them! also i noticed the uk website has some versions of the same shoe.

Always In Style said...

Oh my those flats - I'm in love!

Bella said...

I love that black and white bag, that's chic!

That long brick wall in that store...well, I have one of those in my HOUSE! lol And...it is where we take off our shoes and coats...I wonder if I installed recessed lighting there and made nice shoe shelves, if would finally look halfway decent over there...it is the peeve part of my house, to be sure!

Nice to meet you, you have a lovely blog!


beSmart beGreen said...

great finds. I'm always looking for new and chic ways to be green.

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