seasoning the wardrobe for a bland climate

this time of year, i have such a hard time flavoring my wardrobe with the new fall trends~ a dash of bubble skirt, a pinch of tights {ugh. i can't imagine pulling a pair of tights on right now} suede booties to taste, simmered in tall riding boots, layers, scarves...{god, i'm sweating all over the place~ can't breathe, can't breathe} it all makes me want to take off running~ flapping down the street in my havianas and board shorts {and of course, a shirt of some sort}
alas, none of this keeps me from wanting.
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the balenciaga knock off jacket. WHY didn't i pick this up at jcrew last spring {on sale $99.00} why? because i was moving on to cottony, flowy beach wear. couldn't fathom the idea of being covered by wool any longer. now is my time. i'm scanning ebay furiously.
i know, a little boring in the photo. but i love a great vintage, cotton plaid shirt ~ can't do the thrift store thing {smell} so this is perfect for me. the detailing of this one makes it {elizabeth and james} great men's wear vest. throw it over my daily esemble of tshirt and jeans, and i look like i maybe thought about what i'm wearing~in that effortless sort of way {urban}
oh..... and it's boot season my friends. something i pull off {or on} as soon as possible. i'm buckling this year. i've purchased these in all of their 'forever 21' glory for a mere $24.95. a trend should never be an investment.
hats. i do hats. not everyone does hats or likes a hat. maybe too contrived for some. my lid donning started way back in high school when, my hair got out of control, medusa like, and i had to tuck it into a baseball cap. in college, too lazy to use the multiple products required to tame the beast, i parlayed the cap into a great little army surplus find, the black beret.
not for everyone and certainly not of the 'raspberry' persuasion~it must have a utilitarian feel and can never be worn 'cocked'~ just pull it on. that beret went with me through college and beyond, then got tucked away.
this year, i think i'm bringing it back. own it people.
wow. i love a great rip-off and i can't believe anthropologie has knocked off MY FAVORITE boot of all time. the elements are certainly all there {color is a bit frye boot-ish for me} but if i were you~go for the real deal.
i'd never wear this, unless i become a chinese emperor of yore. or a himalyan villager. but it's beautiful.
you know, how do you make something this simple appeal on the rack. but i'm telling you? this is it. this is my 'if i am to buy one thing' staple. the high waisted 'tulip' skirt. 1. miu miu has a great one 2.and i fell instantly in j'adore-at-first-sight when i saw this one at anthro a few months ago. 3. HM has a little longer, more pronounced vers. slap a wide belt 'round the middle and you're suddenly caught up to speed.
this is when i start to feel old. remember when sophia coppola styled the young girl, in 'new york stories'? and she started this fashion trend of pairing, trashed jeans with chanel?
ya. you're old too. guess what, it's back. and jcrew is owning it. i'm so glad that i kept that, now, vintage chanel suit. and if, i ever need a little jacket this fall/winter this will work....
until i need air and have to open the collar revealing this design mistake {snap on snap off} : smythe funnel neck jacket
and then i'd have to have a pair of these shoes to finish off the look
kurt geiger, eden shoe
the trouble is, in the end. in my reality, it's all about the work out clothes and hoping i can get a shower in by noon.
opening photo credit: flickr member abchoa


SimplyGrove said…
I love this post!!! Jcrew is lookin good this season!!
I am doing a giveaway at my blog with a really fun prize I think you will like:)
Mrs. Blandings said…
I'm still stuck on the over the top envy I'm feeling about the Chanel jacket. And the Coppala thing? Not too old by a long shot.
Anonymous said…
J Crew Outlet stores have the first jacket you wanted!!! I saw them there at my local outlet just go girl!
beachbungalow8 said…
they do??? oh hell, i'd better make a mini vaca of it and head out to palm springs then!
thank you for that great tip!!!
Unknown said…
I'm with you on the Chanel + Jeans...I actually love it...and JCrew is amazing this year. I've never been a fan but they did it so right this time! Great post.
Petit Elefant said…
You're making me LUST! Oh, how I want it all.
Anonymous said…
If they dont have it in Palm Springs they do in Williamsburg,VA!
Call them or I will pick it up for you and send it. :)
Topsy Turvy said…
Had to laugh! Your reality is similar to mine.

vicki archer said…
Reality should never stand in the way of a cool jacket! - Long live Chanel and let's hope we all find that J Crew jacket asap.
Teal Chic said…
I love your list. It's still so warm in Northern California, we can't even put pants on...let alone boots! :( I love your favorite boots, I remember seeing a pair that resembled them but were flat boots....I wish I had them!!!
Michelle said…
I too have a big problem with "smell" at second hand/thrift stores. So glad I'm not the only one!
Project Ecoart said…
seriously loving the vest-tank top combo. So So. Cal.
I saw the same combo on Drew Barrymore in the Cover Girl commercial and desperately tried to find a copy of it onlin. Great choice.
Ms Unreliable said…
Despite all the lovely fashion treats, I'm still back staring at the first image, wondering if I should have chosen yellow as my accent colour in my bedroom instead of orange. Hmmm.

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