Thursday, August 20, 2009

christopher ross

One my favorite creative inspiration blogs for fashion is Atlantis Home.
Judy Aldridge is the blogstress, and fashion designer, former model, former boutique owner and current owner of the online shop, Atlantis Vintage. { many of you already know her daughter, Jane, of whom I've blogged about here} Knowing her via an emailing relationship, not only is she incredibly talented but she's also a lovely and generous person. J'adore Judy.
Any of Judy's followers know about her love for vintage , Christopher Ross Belt buckles. Her collection is enormous. I believe, she has singled handedly created a fervor of new fans for these belts that's so strong, you're hard pressed to win one on ebay {which seems to be the only place I can find one for sale } And why not? they're the most fabulous pieces of jewelery you could own. Big, bold and beautiful
The name Christopher Ross is synonymous with eBay battles that garner the high blood pressure soars of the challenge and the ecstasy rush of the score

This eponymous belt line was once sold in fine boutiques across the country {with a reported sighting at Harrod’s} has been dormant in its production for the past two decades. A recent resurgence in interest has made obtaining his limited works, challenging.

Interesting to note, Ross a native of New York, was once a very successful financier at Morgan Stanley. Later he worked directly along side as a protege of real estate tycoon Harry Helmsley. Putting all of this aside, his art became his main focus, as he switched directions midway through life.

Taking his inspiration from nature and history, Ross, a one time successful financial professional in New York city, created work that has endured the test of time and popularity in the finicky world of fashion where yesterday’s ‘hot’ is today’s ‘cold’.

The success of his work and its test of time are clearly based on the level of artistry and execution so deftly accomplished by the untrained sculptor.

Beautifully realistic and distinct with detail, the creatures run the gamut from handsome lion heads with flowing manes to fantastical unicorns and Chinese dragons.

The belt buckles are as bold and impactful as they are organic in statement. Paired with any wardrobe staple - from a simple pair of old jeans to an elegant eveningwear sheath, the accessory is a timeless piece of jewelry perfection.

To begin the process, the pieces are hand-cast in a metallic alloy from clay. Each original buckle is hand-polished and plated with a 24 carat gold finish of the finest quality. A thumb print signature, pressed into the back of each piece, gives a final stamp of authenticity.

The bulk of Ross’ work was created in the 70s and 80s and can occasionally be purchased on eBay for several hundreds of dollars.

check Judy out on all photos Judy Aldridge


Meg said...

Yea, pretty much Judy rocks, Atlantis Home rocks and Christopher Ross rocks! I love her style & her blog, and every outfit that she jazzes up with a bunny head or a snake ;) !

Karena said...

Wow, love those, and I can see why it becoming more and more rare to find one.

Linda/"Mom" said...

* Oh yes! These are wonnnnderful! I wish I still had a WAIST to call ATTENTION to!!! (Smiles)~~~

Linda in AZ *

Anne said...

Just found a website about Christopher Ross' collection of belt buckles:
Adore Christopher Ross belts!

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