Monday, April 26, 2010

the cobbler has new shoes

hand made and perfect for summer tanned feet, in yummy sherbert colors {and snake skin too} sandals by tuto.
**oh, and you might like these too-Jutta Neuman


Ali said...

I didn't know you could buy hand made sandals on etsy!! SO CUTE!!!

Anonymous said...

Wow, those are great... and only 50.00? Love 'em. Orange, orange, I want orange!! K

rosiecampbell said...

I'll take one in every color!

Karena said...

Love these Megan! Sandals are so great and this is a really classic design.

My new post has a special Kansas City connection, hope you'll look & comment!

Art by Karena

ZDub said...

What?! Etsy? I'm already on Etsy restriction for my throw pillow spree of 2010, but my husband didn't say anything about sandals!

sophiedahydesigns said...

Another great find on ETSY!

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