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This Week On The Skirted Round Table :: David Easton

We had the great pleasure last week to sit down with architect + designer, David Easton. I think we all assumed that were going to sit down for a very erudite conversation about design. It was going to be one of those valuable, but maybe dry conversations. An excellent "lecture" filled with gems of knowledge and pearls of wisdom. Wow, were we in for a happy surprise. Mr. Easton, is not only the top in his field and brilliant, but is charming, witty, and yes cerebral. Come have a listen, I think you'll love the man behind the edifice.  The Skirted Round Table 


what is it? 

"One hell of a showcase event for brides + grooms + curious seekers of a fresh vision in wedding planning "

I was so disappointed when I figured out that I wasn't going to be able to attend last month's hippest bridal event, probably ever. I had some other plan already in place {what... I can't even remember at this point- short term memory loss } 

Hitched, the collaborative work of some of our area's most talented visual artists, party planners, collectors of cool, harbingers of hip....was, not surprisingly, a  beautiful effort chocked full of fantastic party/wedding ideas. From the tabletops to the pastel streamered, photo backdrop {below}, It's all just screams of originality and par tay. Check it out:: 


an array of letter pressed stationary and calligraphy::

My favorite are all of the table top displays::


but then the sun went down and the dj started playing that 808  and the party turned it up a notch. 

confetti snow angel

and if you're thinking, 'But this is soo up my alley! I can't believe I missed it. Will they be doing another one??' well ,yes. funny you ask. Coming in January, Hitched takes it to the desert. The Ace Hotel in  Palm Springs that is.  Get the skinny and the low down right here.

but wait, there's more! 

check out this great little super 8 film by videographer, Sharkpig::


all photos via:: yes, please

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

The Walkman 1978-2010 R.I.P.

Sony has announced that they will no longer be making The Walkman. 

In memory of my old Walkman {and my long ago youth }, a few songs that got the rewind button as I laid, on foil, bored with the tedium of long summers in the backyard,  covered in baby oil. ahh to be so blithely unaware.

red hot chili peppers :: give it away

violent femmes :: blister in the sun


junior murvin :: police + theives

fashion for the very tired.

photos from the Spanish based clothing line, Kling.

mom, like, seriously......can you please quit taking pictures. It's so not cool. 

Christian Dior resort 2011

It's Tuesday. Let's think about beautiful resort wear for a moment......

Monday, October 25, 2010

Spooky Apples

From one of my favorite food blogs, Matt Bites, Adam's Spooky Apple and recipe. Matt Armendariz, the food obsessed author behind this blog, shoots all of the photos himself. Making him... sort of a god. 

and about  those fantastic black goblets: they're by Juliska.

Check out Matt's blog for more pictures of food (and recipes. but I mostly look at it for the pictures)

Friday, October 22, 2010

peace out

It was never her intent , it was simply a thing that happened 


We made it. Another one marked off the calendar. Speaking of calendars, I have a busy one this weekend. I'm planning on hitting the Grand Opening party for Unique LA's Pop-Up shop @ H.D. Buttercup tonight. Hope to see you there.  Then, dinner with friends @ The Tasting Kitchen in Venice on Saturday.

If you've never been...go. It's one of my favorite {if not my single favorite} places to eat in L.A. I love everything about it, from the interior {*gorgeous* modern mixed with whimsy - I would love to move in } to the menus typed out daily on an old typewriter {remember those?} to the darling waiters in their bow ties, who love the art food as much as they do interacting with their diners. Following that farm-to-table concept, the menu changes daily according to what looked good that morning at the market. mmmm. so excited. 

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Friday night in 'Lay

The Unique L.A. Pop-Up shop Grand Opening party is tomorrow night @ H.D. Buttercup... and I think we all should go. Why? Awesome people mingling, great handmade items for sale, free booze, a live photo booth and a celebrity guest DJs ! My kinda party.

But you must rsvp here, to get in. See you there.

bloody courage

great packaging, and perfect for the season. 

"This is an absinthe bottle I designed for an alcohol packaging assignment. I took inspiration for the name "baïonnette" and design of the bottle from the earliest big consumers of absinthe, the french soldiers in the Algerian war. They used this spirit as a way to get courage, as well as for therapeutic purposes to treat the soldiers and colonists against typhoid and malaria. I like the cold, clean, brutal and sharp look of a bayonet, and think it suits such a strong spirit such as absinthe."
student work by Kjetil Olstad via lovely package

Lush Pad

Score!  Great finds at great prices over at the modern market place site Lush Pad. 

The site was totally new to me. Had you heard of it?

Selig Chair, $50-$100

It's great if you're in the market for Modern pieces. Craig's List takes forever these days - having to weed through all of the drek that is NOT 'Mid Century Modern'  but Ikea and by vintage they mean, "crap that they don't want to haul to the dump".  

Russel Woodard Sculptura Chairs, $500.00/pair

slat back arm chairs, $199.00

 While you can find some great pieces 'fer cheap', they also carry the serious pieces for serious collectors, with serious budgets.

Like this Robsjohn-Gibbings Widdicom bench for a mere, $7, 500:

it's fun to go poke around over there, even if you're just looking. 

vehicular vase

Great, little hostess gift for the holidays. While everyone else is coming through with fine wines + flowers, how about waltzing in with an rv or a monster truck. 

Ceramic Rvee holders by artist Paige Russell found here

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

and we have a WINNER!

Congratulations contestant , Architect Design, for you have just been hand chosen by my lovely, 4'7" assistant, to win a bottle of West Third Brand's room + body spray: Vanille de Santos from theSociété de Senteurs Home & Body Spray collection. 

And big Thank Yous to all of you who entered. There will be more give aways! So stay tuned.

This Week On The Skirted Round Table::Meg Fairfax Fielding of 'Pig Town Design'

This week, Meg aka 'Pig Town Design' popped in to chat with us at The Skirted Round Table. Meg's been blogging for the past three years and has grown a larger + loyal following who check in on her fantastic design sense, historical + architectural knowledge and her humanitarian lifestyle. 

Meg was recently featured on the Nate Berkus show for her 6th sense ability as a true, 'Junk Whisperer'. A couple of Hermes scarf for 2 bucks? Leave to Meg to unearth them. Meg sees Gold where others see Tarnished Trash. I predict we'll see a lot more of Meg on Nate. 

Pig Town Design, is popular because the woman behind it all, is dynamic, funny and just cool. Totally hanging out with her the next time I'm out that way. 

come hang out with us for an hour at The Skirted Round Table.

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

state of mind :: artist, archie scott gobber

An old friend of mine recently sent a photo of a new art acquisition he and his wife had procured. it's  now standing,  sentry,  in 'home headquarters i.e. "the kitchen."

His wife, she of great wit, plans on pointing to it every time she's had it with the kids {which around here, is every day at about 3:30 pm } The art of Archie Scott Gobber is just that, wit intertwined with life, presented beautifully through the art of typography.

 my favorite {above}

Gobber's work can be found at The Dolphin Gallery and the Marty Walker gallery in Dallas, Texas.

tick tock, last chance to enter your name in the West Third Brand giveaway

WHAT? you haven't entered the give away yet? why the heck not? whaddya got to lose? 


'oh, I'm fine with my grocery store bought,  room sprays that smell like fake cranberries with a touch of plastic or someone's version of  'fresh linen'' 

 then you need to be schooled in the science/art of olafacation. Some of us are born with White Fang senses, others need to be taught. For the intricacies of a fine fragrance are on par with a fine wine and  can only be created using the best oils and scents. West Third Brand is one of those masterful fine fragrance lines {and I speak from the heart, as I sit here burning a favorite candle of theirs}  

The giveaway is for the Octobery smelling room + body spray: Vanille de Santos from the  Société de Senteurs Home & Body Spray collection.

Maybe you think you'll never win. Well, you sure as hell won't if you don't enter. So last chance. Enter now. Right here, below. Today.  Leave a comment {yep, that's it} 

home work :: home office desks

I think because of our unseasonal, seasonal weather { wasn't I just wishing for this the other day? }  the gray and the rain is making my brain mold over a bit. I can't seem to put two words together, much less have a linear thought. So bear with me as I take you through the rabbit warren that is my brain today....

I came across this desk today on Chicago based, Post 27.

I shouldn't like it so much, because it reminds me of getting called up to desks that looked just like this for much of my grade school years { based on my distracting quality of being 'overly social with my neighbors' something I would later pass along to my youngest } But I do like it, maybe it's because sitting there behind it, I would feel like I was on the other side of the law. Or maybe because it's just a cool, industrial looking behemoth desk (the likes of which would never fit into my tiny house)

the color of this one  is pretty great {above}

but my reality has always been something along the lines of this, {below} something make shift in a little corner space. Which is charming, with it's tower of books, Alan Campbell +  Roberta Roller fabrics it's not too far off from what I'm writing this from .

 oh! but then I see a shot of that famed, Hollywood glammed up Mary Mcdonald office, shot for Domino. With all of its icy blues and sugary white detailing. And I sigh.

or this, below,  lacquered +  gilded office {whose is this? I can't remember now}

 But my reality, goes back to something a bit more utilitarian {although never this organized. if only...} via elle decor

 This one { below } struck me as something easily and somewhat, inexpensively attainable. You can find those glass saw horse desks (ikea's Vika for $109.00) , the stand alone shelving with painted inside to work with the paper.... and even the wallpaper (note the ceiling had been done as well) for a fairly cheap price.

oops, but then a few more hops and I stumble across this, Shaw Walker executive's desk from the 20s. I'm telling you my brain is like a broken windshield wiper today, from fine boned elegance to big bad tanker. back and forth in the rain. never really clearing my line of sight completely.

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