Wednesday, August 29, 2012


Maybe it's the because it's the beginning of the end - of summer. Nature's own technicolor acid trip will soon give away to faded blooms, and everywhere I look I see floral motifs popping up in profusion.

or maybe I just like the way the blog looks with flowers in its hair.

Tile with floral inlay. From Tell el-Amarna, Egypt, c. 1352–36 bce//via Brooklyn Museum, NYC photo: Katie Chao


washed out // via sup magazine

 Holly Farrell's art work really deserves a post of its own. It's nothing short of a feast, in my book of photo realism. Go here to check out more of her gloriousness.

There's always room for a little bit of girly dishes in my cupboards. These bowls are the perfect place to store jewelery, or have your first-thing-in-the-morning bowl of berries. Or how about this plate. The perfect landing pad for a piece of Chocolate cake, or pie. 'Martha' says, pie is the new cupcake. Now just add a gingham napkin and you've rocked the cute richter scale to 6.5. From pip studios.

Agnes Deyn, is undeniably adorable and rocks the platinum pixie like nobody else. But the dress! Oh the stitched up, fitted floral frock. lovely.

Don't throw away those floral denims from Spring just yet. A new crop is out there for fall. These are from Paige Denim (L.) and C.O.H. (R.)  They're skinny, they're faded and they're pretty much sure to punch up any big sweater, worn with some suede boo-tays. Editor's Note: I found mine at Target and LOVE the fit. Plus, they're about $120.00 cheaper than the premium bands. I know. Why.

Love=Love by Kent Rogowski

Looks like just an ordinary puzzle that someone sat at the lake putting together this summer, right? Artist Kent Rogowski has insanely taken pieces from a bunch of puzzle sets, pulled out the floral pieces first, and then reconstructed them into new images. Say what??

"Since manufacturers occasionally use the same die to cut more than one puzzle, I was able to use each piece in its proper position within the grid of the puzzle" 

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

hey... still there? I've been on an extended vacation that's involved, some vacationing but also a lot of computer avoidance. Do you ever get that Social Media aversion thing? Maybe it's because I've immersed myself so entirely, over the years. Every once in awhile I need to come up for a gasp of air. The problem is, once I'm on land, breathing air that isn't fettered with the constant background, ticker-tape, chit chatter buzz that rolls on my facebook page, or twitter account, I sort of like it. There's a peacefulness to it. Weird. Is this the way it was before we all became so accessible and willing to express every thought that popped into our heads? Anyway, I haven't a prophetic gem to share with you today, it was just an observation. Now excuse me.....I'm going in.....


I've featured the art of Claire Elsaesser (tastes orangey)  before. This, fox painting, being my favorite:


I'm drawn to the calm, sometimes, sea inspired art that she creates. And at these prices, why not grab several?

Monday, August 6, 2012

Be back in a few. Heading East....because that's what all wise Californians do right? - leave the, very mild,  72 degrees for "hot, humid and stick"y. ya! hello NYC in August! Can't wait for my sunglasses to fog as I walk out of over cooled buildings and into the heat.

Seriously, I can't wait. I'm taking my girls to NYC for their first, cognitive, time.  This flick was  taken a few weeks ago as we drove through Yosemite.  I think my kids have gotten wise to my attempts at creating 'arty' family vacation movie.

Oh, and usual, I'll be Instagramming my way through the trip. Follow along with me @beachbungalow8.

this is where I do my first soap review.

Who says blogging isn't good clean fun? Look what just arrived in the mail for me! yay! love blog swag. when the soap makers at Hudson Made, emailed me to see if I'd be interested in checking out their product, I took one look at their website and hollered out a big, YEA! Handmade? Organic made with goat's milk???? 'FANCY BLACK SOAP'? I need all the fancy I can get. So what I wasn't prepared for, is the incredible packaging it's wrapped in (design by Hovard design). That alone, is worth everything.


It's been sitting on my desk, like a little air freshener (because the earthy goodness emanates from its gorgeous little encasement) I've been too afraid to open it. Also, I was sort of thinking of doing a give away- but then my greediness got in the way this morning and I tore (delicately) into it.

After snapping these photos, I lathered up my hands and...can a soap be  sensuous? This stuff is like lathering with, well, duh, butterfat or a thousand little butterflies. Which makes sense because that's one of it's main ingredients (not butterflies) . As is mineral rich volcanic ash and fresh goat's milk from Nubian goats who are pasture raised (I told you this is some, damn FANCY BLACK SOAP)

I have weird, irritant skin. I get weird and rashy if I use low grade  product on my skin. THIS? this FANCY BLACK SOAP (that is,' black', did I mention? Totally swag.) is for those of you who also have the skin of a princess (this is how we call it, in my house) it's for those of you who keep a closet of hostess gifts. Because who wouldn't want to receive something beautifully hand made that smells like the clean woods and essential oils and feels like a hand massage with every use?

Thank you Hudson Made. I'm sorry it took so long to post this. I've been petting the box for the last 2 months. The rest of you - go check out their site. There's a really cool soap dish over there too.

Friday, August 3, 2012

FYI, I sent my youngest to summer camp a few weeks ago.  A first for both of us. I cried the first few days (more teary shaky voice stuff than anything).... and the last few days too, with a touch of melancholy in between. I checked the camp's website like, 2-10 times a day, making up stories as to why she was, say, sitting on the dock by herself. Healthy mom stuff.

 Two weeks up and I finally get to speak to her. The first thing she said over the phone (voice hoarse from screaming whatever you scream 'round the campfire ) , "Mama! I want to stay for FOUR weeks next year!!!".....what. ? ok, ya I know, I should just feel good that I'm raising a confident girl. whatevs. I'm glad my girl is back, her room's a mess again, even more boy band posters have been added to the continues in the land of pre-teens and teenagers and I have all of my ducks back in a row.


have a chill weekend.

This Week on The Skirted Round Table :: Alexa Hampton

Years ago, I was flipping through a shelter mag, and came across a photo of a young girl painting outside with her father in the garden. I tore out the page. She with the curtain of blonde hair, straddling the bench, painting, with..... the coolest cowboy boots on, ever. I tore it out for her fashion sense. It was the 80s.  But a several years ago, I found that old binder that I had kept tear sheets in. And I found that photo.... and realized that it the  father in the photo was, Mark Hampton. It was a teenage Alexa that I had admired. Last year, at High Point Market I ran into Alexa at the Hickory Chair Furniture Co. showroom (with whom she has a line). She's just as fabulous in person as she is in print. I told her the story (because I'm totally, not cool, that way) and she boomed, "GIVE ME A HUG!" .

SADLY, I wasn't able to be a part of The Skirted Round Table this week. I had jury duty. But, Joni and Linda got together with Alexa, she of  the major design pedigree, blessed with Design DNA that has catapulted her to the top ranks of this industry. Have a listen to her impressive prolificity in the world of interiors. 

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