Friday, September 28, 2012

Coffee in thermoses always tastes better. I'm looking forward to nippy mornings. They can't get here fast enough.

Thursday, September 27, 2012

oh and also, my 14 year old showed me this cover yesterday and I keep playing it, so I thought I'd share it....also, I love this Frank Ocean song anyway.

Zara, you totally get me.

Due to what I can only call, my strange addiction - jacket buying. I will not be partaking in all of these (just a few).

 Zara - feel free to send any of these my way. I'm good with that whole blogger-exchange system:

Great Soccer Saturday jacket. Just cuz you're momming doesn't mean you have to look like a lump of clay.

Perfect date night attire.

I already have this jacket. I wear it the most of any of my jackets. I feel like everyone needs this. It makes those Jcrew striped jackets, look a little edgy (if that's at all possible)

Love this, great for work, right?

This might be my favorite. I love everything about it. You'll look like a total rock star in this get up, day or night.

It's the little things

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

I think the first time that I ever saw the interior of a Cuban building was in that, 90's Wim Wender's documentary, Buena Vista Social Club. If you haven't seen it yet, you really should (and then, you'll want to go out and buy the soundtrack if you missed that trend, first time around. Makes for a great Indian Summer, patio party soundtrack)  The film gives you an incredibly sensitive look into 'modern day' Cuba. Modern day Cuba, the faded beauty of a Grande Dame...  hanging on to her beauty, despite. The patina of years of decay and neglect, like a weathered face mapped deep with laugh lines, adds to the beauty and depth of character. Cuba is on my, 'to-do' list. In the mean time, I soak in any imagery I can find that reflects such elegance and stoicism. These interiors shot by Michael Eastman

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Watching a recent episode of RHONYC, I was completely distracted by one of the housewife's, sofa. hit the *pause* button. Yes, I saw it right, the most perfect, deep cushioned, velvet tiger (so much better than leopard) sofa!!!

What? It's brilliant! I'm in love!!! and it got me thinking, I've always had a deep down desire for a little leopard sunthin-suthin going on in my spaces. A call of the wild.  Once upon,a long time ago, my boyfriend moved in to my, well furnished, Presidio Heights apartment. He was allowed to bring a couple of things: his clothing, and  his velvet leopard print chair. The rest could stay in storage or be sold or whatever (foreshadowing?)  Two kids, two bicoastal moves and as many houses later, he and the chair moved out. I was sad to see it leave. It still lives with him. And the girls get to visit it every other weekend and odd year  holidays.

My teenage daughter recently stuck her hand down the back of the chair cushion to find an old goldfish cracker (preservatives really work!) and a Polly-Pocket. It's like our little exotic time capsule.  I did some research on that, fore mentioned, housewife's sofa. It's sort of famous in its own rite.

Many years ago it was seen in a Vogue shoot, sitting in the room of her mother-in-law, Lee Radziwill's living room (this whole room needs to be discussed - those stools? man) . Talk about a time capsule. Wonder what you'd find if you stuck your hand down the back of those cushions. The sofa of my dreams was custom-made by the esteemed, NYC furniture maker the De Angelis. I can dream. And I'm saving the above image for my "someday when" file. Because you sort of need a certain sort of space to pull it off. My beach house house isn't feeling the velvet in such large quantities. It's roar would be a little too loud.

designer: Miles Redd

via: HG

So what about some subtle touches?

Nick Olsen for House Beautiful

Tory Burch apartment- which, I mean, come on. It's insane. More below...

Designer: Palmer Weiss

A pillow here and there? This. Can be done. In the mean time I'm super happy with my J.Crew leopard phone cover. It's the perfect bit of wild glamour -without too much commitment.

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

I don't know a lot about the shenanigans and such of Fashion Week (other than Jcrew seemed to be a class favorite among the fashion bloggers - with yet another round, of the mis-matched pattern bang (more french sailor stripes! and mix it with a pajama paisley please! and top it all off with your jenna glasses! )  but I have a feeling that Burberry Prorsum, pretty much ruled and schooled.

Carry on.

Thursday, September 13, 2012

Lake it or not

Growing up, there was always someone with a, 'Lake House' that they were off to during the sticky heat of summer. Where I grew up, lakes were reservoirs: valleys that had been flooded and filled - dark, brown, slimy bottomed, water sources. With lots of weird bottom feeder, lake nature. No thanks. And then there was the whole lake culture thing that included things like,  beer koozies and what not. Nope. Not for me. You can keep your ski-dos and party coves. I wasn't cut out for lake life.

I did once have the opportunity to visit someone's lake house in the fall. It was a whole different spin on the idea. Nobody tried to coax me into the brown, fishy waters. It was totally acceptable to just look at it.  The trees were in various stages of fall folliage, some golden, some already half barren, and so that was nice. In the crisp morning, we crunched along the banks of the lake and, if I remember correctly (or this could be a total fake memory - I do that. Inadvertently of course. ) we took a bottle of wine, a couple of blankets and a paddle boat out on a misty still lake at dusk. It was beautiful. That time. I 'did' and I dug The Lake.

When I ran across these Belgian House (near  Lake Genval) photos, with the green water and all, I thought,  ok, now this is what a lake house should be all about - The Belgian look gone Lake.  Restoration Hardware, eat your heart out - shiny copper pot collections, intimate dining rooms, 'bois' on bois, ashy, grayed bois for that matter, rough hewn woods, painted even! and how about those awesome plaster worn walls? There's no way you couldn't go to a little jewel like this and not have the most romantic of times- and you wouldn't even have to embellish the memories.


Photographer: Christophe Rouffino via: weranda

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

ceramicist::nico masemula

These, ceramic pieces by the South African artist, Nico Masemula, completely charm me. I love how they look a bit like primitive Staffordshire figurines. 

I'm not going to pretend to know that much about ceramics or South African artists for that matter, but apparently, Masemula is greatly influenced/inspired by another, artist-potter by the name of Hylton Nel who is known for being," a master of combining whimsy with satire".Totally see it. 


 Even though I have a small collection of Staffordshire dogs hanging 'round these parts, I'd swap them out for these any day. Unfortunately, I think I'd be getting the better score.

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