Friday, October 4, 2013

Wednesday, October 2, 2013

happy october

Dimitri Tsykalov gives you a little Halloween decorating inspiration that might make Martha clutch her pearls. 

Be happy that I didn't post this work of Tsykalov. 'Meat Weapons' (which, if I hadn't requested a moratorium on the term, would totally be the name of my band.)

From the mixed up files

And who hasn't sat on one of those benches in the middle of a gallery room, wondering who the color genius was that chose those wall colors and how could you incorporate those into a living space. Completely love this idea.

"'Tomorrow' will transform these galleries into an apartment belonging to a fictional, elderly and disillusioned architect.
The domestic setting will appear like a set for an unrealised play. A script, written by the artists, will be available for visitors as a printed book. Visitors will be able to explore the apartment, sit on the sofa and read the inhabitant’s books and magazines."

The V&A has commissioned leading contemporary artists Michael Elmgreen and Ingar Dragset create an installation within the V&A museum.

If you're in London in the next few months, will you go check this out and report back to me?

 k. thanks.

Tuesday, October 1, 2013


elemental lines and simplified shapes cast in non-precious materials — brass, bronze, copper — combine and repeat

wanting: the beautiful, modern jewelry of Hanna Sandin, 'Samma'

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

slippery soap

Encouraging personal hygiene one bust at a time, London-based Korean artist Meekyoung Shin, decided to bring art to the loos of 16 museums and galleries across the UK with her installations from the  "Toilet Project".

Personally I'm such a freak, I don't trust public bars of soap-or busts of soap for that matter. (sticking with Purell and still using a paper towel to open the door as I exit)

 Still. They're cool and that's some serious sculpting. I mean, when I think 'soap sculptures' - I think Boo Radley. So, ups to Meekyoung.

If you so desire to see and cleanse, these sculptures can be found until October at galleries including Birmingham’s IKON Gallery, The Scottish National Museum of Modern Art and the Yorkshire Sculpture Park.

Monday, September 16, 2013

why not....

Paper your laundry room in ridiculously unconventional wallcovering
 (add light fixtures, painted ceilings etc )

 Add French doors with cool shaped windows. 

Paint your interior doors something kicky (I'm partial to pink these days)

This one probably makes no sense to those of you who don't live near the beach. But I still say, why not. 

Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Lamps Plus

Not so long ago, Lamps Plus asked if I'd like to participate in a fun little project using their new line, Color + Plus. It's really a genius garanimal way to pick a, no-fail, lamp and shade set.

Each of us (myself and 18 other bloggers/designers) were asked to pick a shade and base and tell why we love it. I think the outcome was really interesting, I had so much fun flipping the pages to see if the lamps matched the blogger personality. Check it out, see what you think...

Thursday, August 1, 2013

studio deseo


Beautiful web site, with beautiful imagery and necklaces over at Berkley based, Studio Deseo.

Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Pen & Ink

Whenever I bring up the idea of a simple line, being drawn around my wrist, only curving up and then back like a wave, around the knobby bone on my wrist, Nick asks, 'Why do you need to keep drawing on yourself?' I don't really have a good reply. I've been drawing on myself most of my life.

 I do have one tatt. and likely, that will be it. Because, it's true. What they say. Your skin really does start to age after awhile. And that tatt you got at 30, doesn't quite look the same on skin that is becoming increasingly aged. I've never seen an octogenarian that I thought needed a tattoo.

That said, I have a pinterest board with all kinds of beautiful tatts that I think about. And that said, I love checking out other's ink, always wondering what the story is behind each piece. 'Pen & Ink, Tattoos and the stories behind them" is a fantastic collection of beautiful pen and ink illustrations, spotted with watercolor, of real tatts and, the stories behind them. I love it.

And I may still get a very thin line around my wrist, the meaning will be for me alone.

Monday, July 22, 2013

artist::kate walchuk

Halifax, artist Kate Walchuk attempts to capture those stories that we all tend to tell for awhile until one day we wake up to realize that we no longer relay them. In her current collection of work ,'Good Shape' Kate creates little pieces of art reflecting the funny moments of travel. None of the pieces are done on traditional canvas but are done on the inside of shells, souvenier plates and even matchbooks. I'm a sucker for miniature detailed anything, especially when done by hand.

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