pumpkin seeds- 3 ways

it's pumpkin carving party season! one of my faves. here are some great recipes for toasting up those yummy seasonal seeds
basic roasted pumpkin seeds washed and seperated pumpkin seeds from one pumpkin 6 TB of butter garlic salt
1. heat oven to 350 degrees. place seeds on baking sheet; toast until slightly brown (about 10 minutes)
2. place a skillet over medium heat and add butter and garlic salt or whatever spice you might like ( i use lawry's seasoning sometimes). stir in toasted seeds and toss until coated and cooked a bit (3 minutes or so) 3. pour mixture back onto baking sheet and stick back into oven until seeds are crisp (15-20 minutes)
for some really creative and yummy recipes go to 101 cookbooks- click on the descriptions below:

Sweet & Spicy Pumpkin Seeds

Curried Pumpkin Seeds

Black Tea & Butter Pumpkin Seeds

thanks to heidi swanson at 101cookbooks for the beautiful photos


Ah, thanks for posting. I am about to engage in my first ever Jack-o-lantern carving sesh. Nice to know what to do with the by-product.
Liz Harrell said…
I havent had pumpkin seeds since I was in elementary school! Thanks for the recipes, I'm excited to make some.
love your blog and thanks for these great recipes! They will be wonderful for my party next Thursday!! I have also linked you on my blog. Hope you don't mind.
beachbungalow8 said…
thank you chocolate canary! i've just added you as well.

b.a. and liz...get ON the pumpkin seed band wagon girls! they're delish and halloween wouldn't be the same without those little scratchy things getting stuck in your gullet.
annechovie said…
These are great recipes! Pumpkin seeds rank up there as one of my most favorite snacks, so I especially loved this post. Great idea!
Unknown said…
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