Karina Garrick

Growing up, I used to love to arrange little vignettes in my bedroom recording them with my Polaroid one-step and then cataloging {can't believe I'm admitting to this publicly} them in my "Little Twin Star" photo album.
{another large horse. why am I so drawn to the giant equine-look lately? Any psycho-analysts or Jungians in the crowd, wanna take a shot at that? Remember, I get to moderate all comments }
Future control freak? or Future stylist?
In my case, a little of both I think {erring more on the former, if you ask my children}
In the case of Karina Garrick, no doubt about it, 100% stylist {and interior designer, and art director, and stylist, and creative image consultant....basically, my job-idol}
to view more of Garrick's vast body of work *go*here*


Excellent photos and you're reliably funny. Thanks!
La Maison Fou said…
Like the horse.....
la maison fou blog
Ivy Lane said…
Lovin' that turquoise day bed! Or chaise... or....Cool pics..!!!Thanks for the intro!
C'est la Vie said…
When God created the Horse He summoned the south wind to condense itself in the hand of the Angel Gabriel and from the wind God created the Horse saying to him: I have bestowed my blessings upon thee above all other beasts and made thee their master. Success and happiness are bound to thy forelock: bounty reposes on your back and riches are with you wherever you may be.. That is why you are so drawn to the Horse. I think of them as Gods chosen animal!! Isn't this beautiful... this is called "The Blessing ". I love it!!!
Karena said…
Megan, the first photo is just great graphically. I have always been drawn to horses, although an Arabian I had bit me once!

PS I hope this KC weather warms up before you arrive!
annechovie said…
Great photos and post, Megan. I could especially relate to the "Little Twin Star" album as I was a Sanrio freak and used to do very similar things. I also had to use "My Melody" scotch tape for everything. Ah, good memories!
franki durbin said…
Oh thank goodness it started early for you as well. I was designated "stylist" in my house at a wee age as well. I was obsessed with furniture placement & accessories. Ahh, some things never change!

These photos are amazing. And it's fun knowing you were focused on things all your life as well! :)

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