the cobbler has new shoes

hand made and perfect for summer tanned feet, in yummy sherbert colors {and snake skin too} sandals by tuto.
**oh, and you might like these too-Jutta Neuman


Ali said…
I didn't know you could buy hand made sandals on etsy!! SO CUTE!!!
Anonymous said…
Wow, those are great... and only 50.00? Love 'em. Orange, orange, I want orange!! K
rosiecampbell said…
I'll take one in every color!
Karena said…
Love these Megan! Sandals are so great and this is a really classic design.

My new post has a special Kansas City connection, hope you'll look & comment!

Art by Karena
ZDub said…
What?! Etsy? I'm already on Etsy restriction for my throw pillow spree of 2010, but my husband didn't say anything about sandals!

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