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It's a well known fact around the blog world, that trying to claim exclusivity on a post just nothing short of boorish and makes one look a fool.

So, I was thrilled when I heard that fellow blogger, Oprah, featured painter, Abbey Ryan on her blog.  I, actually,  featured Abbey's work here...........almost 3 years ago to the day.


Abbey is one of those prolific, 'Painting A Day' artist who disciplines herself to crank out beautifully executed still life works, daily. {I tried this once and made it one day} Most of them food oriented. I'm so happy that Oprah picked up on my post because I think Abbey may get a few more hits now. You can re-post this, too if you'd like. I'm cool with it.

read, blogger,  oprah's post here

and view Abbey's work here


Karena said…

Abbey is doing still lifes that are so realistic and I love her philosophy. it is also very difficult to carve out that time and just do it!

Humor aside I will go see what Oprah had to say...she should have asked your permission though! Ha!

Art by Karena
72 and sunny said…
I know, she's great. really great.

as for Oprah, I'm not 'one of those bloggers' so have at it Ofra!
liza said…
I've been following Abbey for a couple of years now, too. I'm in awe. I have a little ocean scene of hers. Love it.

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