Saturday, June 30, 2007

gang art update----danglebird

danglebird. that's what they're called. they're the work of venice, artist-- 4eightyone. here are a few Q and As from the an interview with the artist.

Q: How many are there in L.A.? A: I've thrown up about 200 here. Anywhere else? A: Yeah, San Francisco and Santa Barbara. And I'll be in New York next week to put a bunch up. And then possibly France in March.

Q: It seems the birds have taken on a life of their own. A: They have and it's really weird because that was not my initial goal.

Q: What was your goal? A: My whole thing is -- and I don't know if it sounds selfish -- it was really about me just having fun.

Q: So there's no meaning or message there? A: I haven't really released or told anyone the meaning of it. The thing is I've heard so many different interpretations. People think they're about "peace" or they're this and that. And I'm fine with that. Let them have that. I'm not going to dispute it. I don't like to use this example but it's like when a kid finds out there's no santa. Why should I take the imagination and mystery away from somebody?

Q: What's the overall reaction that you've experienced about the birds? A: I haven't heard anything negative about it. It's all been positive and that right there makes me feel even better. This is something that I enjoy and other people are freaking out over. It's awesome.

Q: How do you decide where to install your birds? Do you have any help? A: No, it's all me. I do everything myself. When I first started since I know Venice fairly well I knew what the key intersections were and went from there. As far as the rest of the city, I'll find myself driving sometimes just going to get something to eat in the Midcity area or around Museum Row and I'll see a wire and either write it down or remember it. Other times I'll be out and I'll say "Let's do this one." Other times it's a full on night mission. It all depends. Maybe I'll start at like 12 and sometimes it'll end at like 6 a.m. so much for my gangster art theory. this interview was snagged from

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anne said...

Word on the street here is that shoes over the power lines mean "Drugs sold here." Seems unlikely, since the cops would be all over. Except in the poor neighborhoods, which are the only places I've seen them.

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