garden party

it's patio party season, time to make your terrace an outdoor living space. let's pretend we have no budget and dream a little dream about some fantastic stuff i've found on my journeys through cyber-space: i've always loved the francis elkins chairs. and look--an outdoor version! let's get 4 of these. they're from the 1920s and were purchased at an estate sale in lake forest, Illinois. probably not comfortable...but who cares they look good ( i buy the majority of my shoes under this pretense)-- and money is no issue! or how about these beauties. not that we're counting but- $ 2,400.00 for all 4. these would be great on a table with the chairs above...just $3,400.00 love them. do they have anymore? they'd make great gifts. and then, we could bring in these french, 1940's jardinieres for $2,675.00 and i pretty much have to have this bird house $2,650.00--pennies. who cares it's just money! i like a mirror on a wall outside-$4,400.00-- it adds a little panache. a little indoors to the outdoors. you can always use an urn. i don't remember the price tag on this. but remember? who cares! ahh. i feel great about our virtual purchases. don't you? i think we came in under 20k. now let's start planning the summer drinks party.


Style Court said…
I want those chairs with the aqua seats! Great birdhouse too.
beachbungalow8 said…
i had you pegged for the 2 palm, toile looking things.
beachbungalow8 said…
tole, not toile. "palm tole things" (very articulate)

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