Tuesday, June 19, 2007

gig posters or dorm room redux

strawberryluna concert posters, originally uploaded by bungalow8.

beautifully silk screened concert posters are all over the place these days. dorm room decorating has come full tilt! i recently came across these by artist, strawberry luna. i think what i like about these above others is that they're reminiscent of circus posters. random, i realize, but like, s.l. i've always loved vintage circus and carnival posters. sort of off register, layering. my favorites of this smattering are the joan jett, the food crazed dog and that very hallmark-1972, little girl. so now you can feel like it's freshman year all over again (without the weight gain or klepto roommate)

these posters can be yours for around $25.00 (+ shipping). most are hand silk screened, some digitally off-set, on %100 cotton. limited amounts. buy yours now!! strawberryluna.com

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