hable construction

do you know hable construction? if not, then let me tell you, this stuff is so fabulous. cotton canvases and linens with punchy, colorful modern designs. even a little marimekko inspired maybe. if you're already familiar, take a look at what they're up to. great pillow designs. i don't even know which to choose. they're all stunn-o. although those black ones are calling my name pretty loudly. and i love the idea of beautiful fabrics stretched, taut over a frame --insta-art! now this reminds me of the marimekko days of my childhood. hable construction also makes felt creations that are so darn cute. little bags. little bags to put into their bigger, canvas bags. i'm not sure if this is how they began, but when i think of classic hable, i think of their canvas bags. aren't these fantastic? to see more or to purchase, check hable constructions' beautiful website: hableconstruction.com


Style Court said…
the lemon leaf pillow, shown top, is my fav.
Decorno said…
I love Hable, but when I am in NY I can't understand how they stay in business with that tiny shop on Perry... so, so adorable but I can't figure out how the ladies sell enough pillows to keep themselves going. More power to 'em, their prints are adorable.

Did you see the Elle Decor feature about 2 years ago about one of the Hable girls' loft in NY? It's fabulous. Very realy and earthy but in an uncluttered and sopisticated way. Perfection.

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