Monday, June 25, 2007

nice, ice baby

found: cool ice trays for your summer cocktails cool jewels to add a little bling to your baccarat high-balls ice-kabobs. ice capades for your drinks. these swizzlers are the shizzle. i think a really 'cool' thing to do with these would be to add your favorite juice to the tray, freeze, and add to an iced tea or cocktail beverage. maybe, pomegranate kabobs to mix in with a raspberry-soda-water concoction? or strawberry swizzler for a lemonade libation? yum you could even do something really sporty and marth-y -freeze a little rosemary twig with rose petals as a drink stir for you favorite summer cocktail. endless possibilities!


katiedid said...

IKEA has soem really cool ice trays too! Saw them the other day with my daughter who weaseled me into a couple for mini popsicles.

beachbungalow8 said...

oh they do. you're so right. the stars? and the ikea ones are rubber and so you just twist and go.

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