kenny harris

About 3 years ago, a friend of mine in sf, sent me on a reconnaissance mission to check out a guy that was thought to be suitable, suitor material. he was told to be handsome and nice - a gentleman. he had recently moved to l.a. from san fran and was an artist. he had an opening in santa monica that friday night. could i go? check him out? sure. i was game. why not. friday night? i had nothing better going on. i love an art opening. great people watching, free drinks and possibly good art. the mission: i was to go, see if he had an s.o. (significant other) hanging about, maybe chat him up. see if he seemed 'worthy' and then report back. what i found was this: amazing, amazing art. beautiful, deft painterly qualities. the understanding of light and composition-- all bathed in atmosphere. (his work is a great example of chiaroscuro-"the quality of a color in context") it reminded me of the great, 20th century painter, fairfield porter: see any similarities? (this wasn't the best example i could have found. but i swear, there's a fairfield porter quality to his paintings) i did speak with kenny. and his sweet parents. all very humble. kenny was a cute guy, and such a gentlman. i sort of forgot about the mission (i was all but doing the little half bow, japanese style) and submitted to the fact that i was in the presence of some serious talent. i still keep the postcard from that show on my fridge-- and my friend, has since met a suitable suitor without my help. "Art does not succeed by compelling you to like it, but by making you feel this presence in it." fairfield porter kenny's work can be seen here: terrence rogers gallery 1231 5th street santa monica


Anonymous said…
I could have loved him.
Anonymous said…
I think I do love him.

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