Monday, June 25, 2007

martin munkasci

Martin Munkacsi isn't exactly a household name...anywhere. But during his time (the early to mid-20th century) he was the world's most famous fashion photographer (great shot of doris duke here) having been highly regarded as a news photographer, in 1933, Munkacsi turned his energetic style to fashion photography, making images of models running on the beach. Those pictures revolutionized fashion photography with their informality and vitality. Soon after he was offered a contract by Carmel Snow, the editor of Harper's Bazaar, and he left for New York, where he made his fame and fortune. It is believed that Munkacsi's portrayal of strong western women, revolutionized fashion photography. has some great Munkacsi prints for around $25.00


katiedid said...

these are great. Thanks for the low down.

style court said...

Love the Doris Duke shot. said...

What beautiful posters
Thanks for introducing me to this photographer.

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