metal artist, Michael Aram creates beautiful lamps, furnishings and table top pieces all inspired by things found in nature. sort of like hansel and gretel do barneys. high end woodsy. woodsy-chic. 'woochi' (it's the new boho) i shouldn't make light of this stuff. it's seriously beautiful. and it smacks of high-end, fine art. aram, a former sculptor, learned the art of metalworking on a trip to india. the artisans he met, had abilities greatly untapped. he ended up staying for a bit and learning from these masters. years later, the NYC based artist has created a line that combines various heavy metals into his organically themed collections. check out this cast eucalyptus branch..... as a candelabra! brilliant! being that each piece is hand made, each is unique. his collection is divided into his, aptly named signature line: "earth, dream, water" and his more modern line- 'studio'. i love a good branch vase. twig chair?...... ok. imagine 8 of these surrounding a candlelit table. glowy goodness. and then there's this: which doesn't really fit the rest, but who cares because it's so cool. what is that?? oh it's grass. or is it fire? representational art. crazy. pods for your nuts...or crudité. or just on its own-- total table sculpture. Aram's work can be found at gallery shops around the country as well as boutique department stores (oxymoron?) such as, barneys (of course), and myriad boutique stores. he recently opened his flagship shop in NYC. you can buy and see more- at his website, there's even an altruistic message to his lovely line: in Hindi, “aram” means 'gently, with peace, with love and care" to that i say, simply, word.


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