mum's the word

i love the chrysanthemum motif in design. this gorgeous paper is from graham and brown.
and i've always sort of thought that "asuka' from osborn and little had that mum inspired feel to it.
i love that it can feel modern, oriental, victorian, country or art deco, depending on the application.
i found this painting on ebay for chump change. what a score!
and with fall upon us, you'll start seeing them pop up at your market. i love throwing a handful into a silver water pitcher for an elegant easy arrangement. tre´s autumnal.


Mrs. Blandings said…
we're in synch today - I have a picture of a mum on my post as well. Love the O&L paper - I swear I will use it someday.
Such lovely mums, but I just love that Osborne and Little wallcovering, it comes in the best color ways too. Great post by the way!

Style Court said…
This brightened my evening! Can't wait to find some at the market.
Love this flower! In another month's time, we will have mums blossoming in India (North India i.e.) :-)
beachbungalow8 said…
bhavna, i had no idea that mums grew in india! what a great bit of info.
Yes, they do :-). Specially in the North (which includes Delhi), the coming autumn and winter months are best for mums and other flowers. Delhi is infact the most beautiful in the month of February, with private and public gardens, and, road roundabouts lined with flowers!

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