Wednesday, August 22, 2007

to reiterate, johnson hartig is totally rad

i'm in such great company. the new domino arrived yesterday and guess who's on the front? that stud of libertine fame....johnson hartig. have a closer look at his home if you will. it's stunn-oh!
and the bedroom, first of all i will predicate with the obvious: i've shoved photos of my bedroom down your gullet ad naseum. and truth be told, i'm tired of the all white airy space. i still like it...but i need a change up.
this cave like bedroom will be what i aspire to, in my next little bungalow.
that's right, i'm pulling this right now, and planning on painting my walls a nice, "naughty, naughty night" color. (does martha make this color?) sigh, bottom line is, if i can't date hartig? or even hang with him? maybe i can just have a crush on his stylish digs.
by the way, partner, cindy greene is not exactly chopped liver. you can see her beautiful pad in this issue too. her living room is so cool? i had to close the page, take a deep breathe and then slowly open it again.


kate (projectmagenta) said...

Love it. His house was in the LA Times last week. The bedroom seemed to be the biggest hit. Vanessa de Vargas (Turquoise) was in love with it, too. I agree: It IS crushable! :)

kcdesign said...

these are fab! It always makes me so mad when someone's issue comes before I have mine.

beachbungalow8 said...

distribution seems to favor the west coast. i will say that.

i need to get the L.A. times JUST for thursday's home section. i quit getting it last year, as i was so sick of paris and la lohan being front page news. said...

I am so jealous I don't have my Domino yet. So keep posting on it.

Alison said...

Anyone who pulls off wearing one blue/one green boat shoe is TopShelf/NoDust in my humble opinion......AND with ACK reds. WHEW!

The tidbit I am pretending not to see is the statue of (heathen I am, I dunno, is it JC?!?!) in the bedroom pic.
Kinda, ummmm, well, unusual choice for bedroom art......

Onto those bodacious pink peonies courting that smashing brown paisley chair and what appears to be a mink throw on the espresso leather sofa. Sigh.
Sigh again.......Alison

kcdesign said...

OK - now I have it - I should listen to the rules on pg 120 "close your eyes for 30 seconds at least once during the day, to be quiet and grateful." If I close my eyes for 30 secs. during the day my children know it's because I'm trying not to come undone. But I'm off course, I just wanted to say that there is a level of cool that is beyond beyond. Natural and quirky and just-not-trying. These people have that. And, I want to be able to wear that color of green Greene is wearing. And I just can't.

beachbungalow8 said...

yes, yes and yes kc! but i do think you could where that color of green. just like, i can wear the yellow seen lately. you can.

alison, oh my. that freaky statue. can you imagine?!! there's no way i could wake up to that at 2 a.m. when my mind is reeling. not to mention other unmentionable times, dans le chambre!

i meant to mention that. but i get so carried away by my teen-beat crush for this guy that i forgot.

beachbungalow8 said...

"where", meant for 'wear' i never edit myself and really should start.

style court said...

LOVE the dark bedroom too! Love, love, love. And now I want a zebra rug more than ever for my little living area.

Mrs. Blandings said...

Ok, I'm almost ready to let this go, but must share -

My dad's mom was the kind of devout-go-to-Mass-everyday/say-your-rosary-every-night lovely Catholic lady. She lived in Lawton, OK and when they "updated" their church in the 70's they were getting rid of the statues from the alter. Which she, apparently, thought was horrific. So in the ( tiny, I'm not kidding 8 x8)room I stayed in at her house there was a life size statue of the Virgin Mary. But a little chipped. And the 3 a.m. thing? Well, you think it would be creepy, but actually, it was kind of soothing.

kate (pm) said...

Hmmm... I guess I could get used to the statue so near the bed, when the rest of the room is so cool... well, I definitley wouldn't uplight it though.

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