tie me up, tie me back and a little oh suzani love

beauty and genius is a powerful force in this world we live. it's at the heart of any great design.
with no commitment on your wall's part this gorgeous and ingenious design is a perfect accoutrement for any room. just gather and go.
designer and showroom proprietress, suzan fellman recently came across them at the maison & objet show in paris and brought them home to all of us.
"they do not need to be attached to a wall as traditional tie backs do. simply swag the drape, cuff with the bracket, and place the (decorative) magnet to back. absolutely fabulous and genius." "designs are fun too, there is even one of a snake!" suzan fellman 678 cloverdale (la brea and wilshire area) los angeles 323-936-7759 or email her: suzan@suzanfellman.com ooh. and while i'm mentioning suzan. i must share with you this shot i took in her showroom of her vintage suzani collection. i've found that some of the publicized resources for suzanis are not always reliable ( i personally have had trouble with yurdan-unfortunately) but suzan (how confusing is this) has them, in stock - they're real and they're fabulous.


Style Court said…
I loved the stack of suzanis when you posted this pic on flickr. So glad you are spreading the word about Suzan.

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