bong in D minor

while at 'nest' last month, i found this cool looking line of perfumes with what appeared to be a fragrance called, 'bong in D minor' by tokyomilk.
naturally, i had to know what 'bong in D minor' smelled like.
pulling off the top i wafted in the most complex but light fragrance. multi layered but not at all stomach turning. i quickly ran through the line up. there was 'french kiss': a citrusy gardenia smell, ' dead sexy' a hot little blend of deep vanilla and exotic wood, 'let them eat candy': a fruity mix of apples, peaches and violets
'ex libris': an earthy, studious, fig scent...the list went on.
i settled in on my favorite, a scent called 'contemplation' which has this lovely earthy smell of teak, citrus and cedarwood. i'd almost buy this, alone, because the packaging is so great. 'typewritten' labels with a corresponding, vintage image on the back. simple. clever.
and what of "bong in D minor"?
actually, a mis~read. 'song in D minor' is a lovely mix of white orchid, orange flower and gardenia.
{because i get no kick backs, i'll let you google the scent and find it at the nearest website in your neighborhood}


Anonymous said…
I love the bottles. Also, I wonder if these are unisex, as my husband informed me that he is "all out of cologne." Guess it's my problem!
beachbungalow8 said…
the one i have might be unisex. there's one called poe's tobacco that's nice too.
Anonymous said… has a few on there site. love fred flare :)
Anonymous said…
I wish the lines really was called "bong in d minor," because that's funny. Not because I smoke pot. Because, I don't. I would never smoke pot.

Maybe you can do a piece on the Hells Angels?
Sara Bradshaw said…
These are great! Made me smile :)
Wish i had smell-a-puter!

Bong in D...I was thinking that wouldn't smell so good...
crabapple said…
Oh wow..."bong in d-minor" would have been awesome. I'm imagining eau de dorm room, with a top note of bong water, segueing to pizza crust mixed with just the barest tang of dirty socks and a slight whiff of Love's Baby Soft, and thenfinishing with a long-lasting base of ramen noodle spices.
Unknown said…
We sell these at Anthropologie and I love most of them! My favorite is Honey and the Moon - very sweet with hints of violet and sandalwood.
beachbungalow8 said…
'bong in D minor' totally had me on board (and i've never been a pot smoker)

don't forget the smell of aussie shampoo, spritz forte and gorgio perfume mixed in with the smell of wet marlboros, soaking in that diet coke on the window sill.
beachbungalow8 said…
what doesn't anthro carry that i can't live without.

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