Friday, October 31, 2008

peace out

you are adorable, originally uploaded by (you are ace).

Thursday, October 30, 2008


what will you be?

joy delights in joy

came across this while doing a little house cleaning and had to share the joy
{although in true 'me' form, I'm a little nervous about that one guy and the barbed wire. hope that worked out for him}

handmade video portraits

In all this time, I had no idea that there was a blog on etsy. Did you know this? How did I miss this.
It's called 'storque' and it's a superblog ~ there's so much goodness on it, I can't cover it all right now.
Today I was made aware of a GREAT feature on storque. It's called 'handmade video portraits'.
Quick little video portraits of etsy artists. They're so inspiring and it's just fun to see the personality and thought process behind some favorite etsy sellers.
oh, and seeing how they make their art is the highlight {check out milliner, topsy turvy design}
I was really excited to see, Katherine Rasmussen of Reiter8 as one of the featured portraits. I love her recycled sail boat, sail bags {and house! I want a closet under my staircase}. Have a look and then go over to the handmade video portraits page for more.

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

I dream of genies

Tired of using and hearing the term, "genius!",
my friends and I shortened it to, "genie", "you're a genie" or sometimes, "genie in a bottle" {usually said with little or no emotion. i'm not sure why, but that's how it's done }
the following are a few product designs that I find super genie~
Snap and Dine~ generally, this term is more about how I serve up dinner at my house. I think grade schools should make this mandatory in the lunch line.
product designer: demelza hill
Hamster Shredder~terrible name. we used to have a pet mouse named 'tooth' {it was white} how handy would this have been? shreds the paper for you as it runs on the wheel.
genie, tom,
pure genie.
product designer: tom ballhatchet
Flying Carpet~ any of the corners can be rearranged over the wedges, for a comfortable little putting green to hang out, eat your cereal, wear your red pants, drink some brown stuff and watch a little T to the V.
product designer: emili ana design studio
Fading Page A Day Calendar~ the ink fades as the day passes. Kind of like eye liner.
product designer: shiyuan
Glide Toaster~ sometimes you have to shorten, "brizilliant" to "brazil". this would be one of those times.
bread goes in to the ceramic toaster and gllllliddddes on through to the holder.
product designer: george watson
"Central Park" wallpaper~ Don't just speed pass this. Come in closer....closer. Rats and fire hydrants. Do you see them? All wrapped up and pretty.
Someone please put this in your guest bathroom. I don't really do gold, so not me, but the humor in this is wonderfully passive.
product designer: dan funderburgh
Little Field of Flowers~ then there's the king, die-cut, cool product design genie himself: Tord Boontje.
Die-cut, wool felt flower rug.
Comes in autumn red too! Tord you're a brazil genie in my book.
product designer: Tord Boontje

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

pumpkin seed laureates

photo cred: martha stewart via aphrochic on flickr
Last year, around this time, I posted some great recipes and photos, giving total: credit, praise, snap-finger-gun-winks and long meaningful blog hugs etc. where they were due ~ along with a link to the source. A few days later, the author of the recipes emailed me and asked me not to use them.
actually the email kind of went something like this {in caps}:
did you know this? recipes are copyrighted? Seriously, I didn't know recipes were considered literature.
Red cheeked, palms up, head tilted in my best mea culpa stance, I removed it all {except for the photos, the source was ok with the photos} and, people, I won't do that again. ever. I won't even mention the site...which is actually quite good. Instead I'll share with you my very own, recipes given willfully by my friends~ the great pumpkin seed laureates themselves:
Analisa: "I just kind of wing it. lil butter, salt, sometimes spices... actually, Tanner did a bunch of different kinds...chili or cayenne pepper for spicy, cinnamon and sugar for sweet, garlic salt, and the list goes on."
~Yum! thanks Ana, sounds like Tanner's some cook!
Ally: "Clean the seeds, rinse and leave in a colander for a few hours, spread out on a baking sheet, cover and cover and cover with salt, and more salt and roast in the oven, I think I did a lower temp, maybe 250, for about an hour. Stinky breath, ooh wee, stinky stinky stinky. But so tasty."
~Ally, fellow sister in the Over Sensitive Olfactory Sorority, if the whole party is eating them...who cares?
Ann: " I just put mine on a cookie sheet with olive oil and kosher salt until they are a little toasted and slightly brown and they are yummy!"
~Ann, sometimes simple is best.

and finally my recipe:
clean the goobies off of the seeds
place in a bowl and toss with melted butter and any spice that suits your fancy. Salty and sweet is good, as are Cajun spices or Indian spices {I've even heard of ground black tea used here}
spread out on cookie sheet {if you're patient, let dry over night~ I have no patience}
bake in preheated 300 degree oven for at least 30 minutes
BTW: feel free to post these recipes recklessly, all over the internet.

Monday, October 27, 2008

light in shining armor

Not long ago, my friend Patricia of Mrs.Blandings, did a great posting on updating one's outdoor area with symmetrical, iron design elements. One of her finds was this great light fixture from shades of light:
I had once bookmarked it or tagged it, and had since forgotten all about it. But now that I have the ubiquitous 'Imperial Trellis' wallpaper living in my home {settle down. I know it's everywhere... and I still like it } a renewed interest got the best of me.
I have to hop in here and tell anyone that's spotted the painting on the ceiling, I DID NOT stencil my ceiling. It was done by the previous owner. Everytime I attempt to edit it out of the photo, it just looks funkier. So there it is. In all of its unmitigated glory. Look at it and wonder, as i have, "wtf?"
Bonus: the price was great for a quick fix. I have no issues with painting a room or hanging a few rolls of wallpaper, but having recently stuck my finger in a light bulb socket~ a weird and painful experience~ I don't mess with the electricity.
I left the job to Nick, who did a great job and I should apologize right here for muttering under my breath to Patricia, that his handyman prowess is limited to putting up Christmas trees. He has been exonerated.

mixed tape monday

MixwitMixwit make a mixtapeMixwit mixtapes
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wow, it' s monday again? As for those of you at work: you may want to turn down the cody chesnutt song, there's a little, naughty, naughty in it.
cover art cred: "pumpkin and skull lurve" by jek in the box

Friday, October 24, 2008

peace out

tulips in a salvation army find, originally uploaded by bungalow8.

Thursday, October 23, 2008

twenty gauge

One of my favorite places to find refurbished vintage steel and other fantastic treasures is twenty gauge. mint condition, lockers, wire baskets, tanker desks, drafting stools, o' plenty.
the target training poster , awesome. but is also one of the countless pieces of paper curiosities twenty gauge carries. old maps, educational charts....piles and files of them.
take a look at those drawers {sort of looks familiar actually} vintage scarves, waiting to be taken home and sewn into your own special pillow... a la eddie 'betsy' ross style.
weird funky tramp art that makes you want to touch it.
this chair was my favorite. if I was doing a boy's room....this would have had to come home with me {well. this and some of the lockers in the background}

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

who scribbled on my tabula rasa?

yesterday, i woke up feeling like this....
which in turn, had me needing to do this.... all day
what is it with wednesdays?
photo cred: zoe jaremus
found first at and by design for mankind

who wants.....

vintage porcelain glove molds?
they make good art.

watch out...

just in time for the holidays,
chicken soup and moth balls are dictating the design world.
i fully expect that red volvo station wagons, with labs in the back and wreaths on the {car} grill for christmas, are soon to follow.

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

form and function junction

if you've seen photos of my bungalow or been to my home you know...
i have no kitchen. or, rather, i have a little sliver of an after thought of a kitchen. oh! what i would give for a workable kitchen with a lot of counter space {miles and miles of poured concrete, please} a kitchen filled with shiny speciality spouts and a ton of, organized storage space.
modern amenities or not, these are two items that i can't do without:
the chemex coffee maker~
a mainstay in my parent's kitchen growing up. the elegant carafe doesn't just sit there looking good, it makes great coffee too.
the tagine~ the crock pot of morocco. but if cooking's not your thang, and you want an 'exotic' easy meal that feeds a dinner party of 2 or 10....
go. now. get one of these, and find a recipe here.
if that doesn't work, you can always just stick it on your head and speaking in a breathy baby voice, talk about great design.
it's all about owning it.

Monday, October 20, 2008

the nose knows

is this really a better version of what was? (empress and her new clothes much?).
i can't help but think that this room might smell a lot like
stale cigarette smoke and georgio perfume.

mixed tape monday

MixwitMixwit make a mixtapeMixwit mixtapes
i love mondays. seriously i do. it's a reminder that there are, metaphorical, clean slates in life. tabula rasa and all that. sort of like that brand new notebook on the first day of class thing, but every week. pencils up! aaaaand......go. happy, happy monday!
beautiful artwork by Emily Dimov-Gottshall

Friday, October 17, 2008

peace out

yourhouse, originally uploaded by yyellowbird.

Thursday, October 16, 2008

i'm starving for fall

i'm like the hungry guy in the cartoon~everything he looks at morphs into a nice, juicy porter house.
the shoot factory
but for me, it's a hunger for fall colors while living in a permanent state of summer.
one of the things i've always loved about autumn is the contrast of the seasonal hues~
a sugar maple against a soft gray sky or fallen leaves on wet concrete.
these days i'm seeing it everywhere.

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