home pooling

last year i bought this little tray from west elm, to keep 'the pile' {mail, cut out pictures of the jonas brothers, notes from teachers} that accumulates weekly, into a neat little contained space. it looks nice, very designery. modern. clean.
my husband warned me this morning, 'don't put anything important into this tray. it's the black hole' {oh you mean, like that bill that was due last month?}
ok...but what about this charming little wall hanging from urban:
how could this become a 'black hole' ...much too cute for such pejorative terms.
and set a votive behind it ~instant wall sconce!
the best part, this was designed by one of my favorite bloggers, 'oh, joy!'


Mrs. Blandings said…
I have a small section of a counter in the kitchen that is a black hole. Sometimes it offers up a fun surprise. Usually not.
Jamie said…
Oooh...that's soo cute! I adore West Elm. I also sort of have a thing for Urban Outfitters...great post!

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