Thursday, October 2, 2008

say it isn't so!

of course i had to hear this first from my blogging friend, stylecourt all the way over in georgia {she's always on top of things}.....ruthie sommers is closing her showroom.{!}
what? seriously. closing up shop. movin' on... i know, i know. there are those of you reading this thinking,
these chairs are from palm beach and have the original upholstery {and it's in excellent shape}. you can't see the lines or legs from this shot, but they're so beautiful. they must be at least from the 50s.
'but i was coming to l.a. next week and was making a special trip to chapman radcliff!' or like me, 'holy smokes, i need to get over there now! before it's too late to soak in all of that great ruthie sommers' design goodness'
which is just what i did yesterday~ and the place looks as lovely as ever i might add. it will surely be a loss, chapman radcliff is a great resource in the design community. but, this only means that ruthie will have more time to expand herself creatively in all areas {the girl can seriously paint}
i'm looking forward to seeing what comes next.
in the mean time, run on over and check it all out, breathe it all in and take advantage of the: sale, sale sale!
517 N La Cienega Blvd
West Hollywood, CA 90048 (310) 659-8062
chapman radcliff~1st dibs


Pamela Terry and Edward said...

Oh,those French panels! My soul.

Courtney said...

OHHH Did you score any great deals???

Mrs. Blandings said...

Those floral chairs might make me come undone. What fabric is that? Is it vintage?

hello gorgeous said...

First(well, I don't know if it's first) but Charlotte Moss closing the shop she just opened and now Ruthie. I hope that bill passes tomorrow or this will be just the beginning. My shop friends at the beach are terrified. NOBODY'S buying.

beachbungalow8 said...

I did NOT buy anything. Although I may go back. Can you tell I was eyeing a dog statue?

Mrs. B~ those chairs are vintage and I'm guessing from the 50s. original upholstery! It's in great shape too.

Dianne said...

This seems to be a sign of the times. It's a bit scary! i agree with hello gorgeous....sign the #%^&* bill!!!!!

Visual Vamp said...

It's hard out there for decor when you ain't got money for the rent...

simply seleta said...

This is sad news. But I hope you found some goodies for yourself. I guess this means her website really isn't "under construction" after all. [tears falling]

Ivy Lane said...

Looks to be a beautiful store...heading over the Chapman Radcliff~1st see what's avail....I have to say, I am a little curious to see what "SALE" means!!!

Cote de Texas said...

I;m happy for her!!! she works way too hard. good for her! relax. Kelly W. needs to take a cue from her and so does Megan A. from Manhatten Beach.

Style Court said...

Megan -- these images are really helpful to me. I can spot new things and i feel as if i'm there. So thanks!

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