porcelain en plein air

In my make believe world~where decadence has no boundaries and recession talk is for cry babies ~I'm going to have a picnic, under a huge flowering tree, petals raining down around us, shoes kicked off, big pillows, great wine, laughter filled conversation and food being passed around on these~
....you game?
delicate illustrations on pristine limoges porcelain. by artist, sam baron.


Courtney said…
Oh man I love these! so beautiful and very understated. loveeee!
Mrs. Blandings said…
I'm in. I was in from the beginning as I adore the hostess, but now that I see the guest list I can't wait. These remind me of those Brad Pitt designed wedding rings with the diamonds on the inside. You have to know to know.
Laura said…
Yes! The patterns are really so unexpected...
Oh, I just adore limoges, and these patterns are too pretty! Great finds!
Lovebird said…
These plates are very lovely.
shanon said…
Those plates are fantastic! That picnic sounds perfect.
I think we could all use a little picnic! I am loving this plates.

Happy Weekend:)
Love this. Finally something truly original in the land of porcelain tableware.

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