Monday, March 9, 2009

goodie bag goodness

I'm not one to use the term 'crazy busy' {mostly because I've made fun of too many people for using this, over wrought, term} but this week.... i'm sort of really busy. Busy with work/work {as opposed to this blogging stuff} and rounding the week off, I have an 8 year old's birthday party to organize.
In times like these I depend on my fellow bloggers to show me the way. Check out these cute, DIY gift bags posted over at lovely design
learn how to make these here


Jessicas Follie said...

Megan -- I did similar bags when Henry was in Grade 2 and had a TinTin birthday party. I made the draw string bags, then copied a picture of TinTin and Snowy and put it inside the bag and traced and painted. Was VERY easy...

Happy Party -

PS - A so obvious but often forgotten favor for 8 year olds is a deck of Crazy 8's.

cats said...

i totally agree with you on the "crazy busy" thing! that's one of my biggest pet peeves. notice that the most successful people never complain about being busy?

Kristin said...

If only I had the crafty knack because those are too cute. My little guy's first bday is coming up and I would love to make some things for it... I am just craft challenged. Time to learn!

Petit Elefant said...

Those are darling!

Anonymous said...

I could see being the kid who kept this little bag forever!


Michele Beatty said...

These are so cute and would work for teens as well. I made these in different sizes out of Xmas fabric and my family now uses them year to year to package small presents...great for recycling!

Sa-Sea Boutique said...

that is amazing! such a great idea!!!

Lisa said...

You know what i love about these is that you could do them for any age. imagine how surprised and excited my kids (teens) would be if they went to a b-day party and came home with a goody bag!?! most moms stop giving these out by the age of 10, but these are just great. thanks for the post. also...did you get a message from mixwgit? they're back! lisa

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