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I spent the weekend poolside in the dry desert heat of Palm Springs. It takes a lot out of a mother to do nothing but crossword puzzles, and catch up on the perils of John and Kate {honestly, has no one figured out that putting your family on a reality show means certain destruction?}
photo by Slim Aarons - Getty Images
And so today has been one of decompressing from the decompression, calling for a spin through etsy land and landing on one of my favorites, rae dunn. I love Rae's work because of its simplicity and organic feel. Such great little one of a kind, gifts of fine art for yourself or anyone else.
soap dish $28.00
chair platter 86.00
salt and pepper cellars $38.00
a great hostess gift for all of your "can you please take your shoes off?" friends. {the other side should, but doesn't read, 'no. I won't. I bought these shoes to go with my outfit, if I wanted to go barefoot, I would have worn cut offs and an old tshirt.' }
remove shoes plaque $32.00
I can't figure out if this is sold or if it's really called 'reserved for ashley.' but it's so cute, whatever the title. reserved for ashley. $18.00
Rae's beautiful work is summed up in her own words:
"My work is strongly influenced by the Japanese aesthetic of wabi-sabi, the beauty of things imperfect, impermanent, and incomplete. Built entirely by hand, no two pieces of my handmade work will every be identical ......this adds to the charm and personality of each piece."
see more of her work here


erika said…
these are gorgeous... i'm headed to her shop now!
Karena said…
Megan, I love the simplicity of these pieces as well! Very cute. I remember when my sister had to post a sign saying "Please smoke outside"
katiedid said…
These are great. Love the last one.
GloucesterMary said…
Hi Megan...love your blog! but...please properly attribute my dad's photo...
photo by Slim Aarons c Getty Images

Many many thanks.

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