David Paul Seymour's de-luxe desgins

my fave- the jeep wagoneer with wood paneling {oh my heart be still}
fantastic, frameable art for that 'Endless Summer' vibe.
Three of these across your kid's room, and you have an instantly hip, affordable {around 19.00} art wall.
david paul seymour
purveyor of cool design for the modern mind


Cool. Thanks for the mention. Looks great. :) DPS
lizawiza said…
What a great find!!! I love the VW van--one of my friends still drives one of those classics. Thanks for the tip.
Mrs. Blandings said…
Did you know I have a VW bus obsession? When I finally set up the appt. to look at one Shack put his foot down. He's such a killjoy.
Amy said…
These are perfect for somewhere you are just looking for a big splash of color!
Blue Muse said…
I want a poster of that first picture!! LOVE it!
xo Isa
I love all of David's prints. All of them are so retro like me!!
susan Jones said…
I love it! I have been torturing Eloise for years that my dream car is a woody Wagoneer. Going green might derail me though.
By the way, she loved hearing about being referred to as Elbo.
beachbungalow8 said…
my pleasure David~! Great stuff.

Mrs. B, no. I did not know that and the vision in itself is priceless. I drove a vw bus in Highschool. "carribean blue" the engine caught on fire in the end. But it was a great party mobile while it lasted.

Susan~ I DREAM of a woody wagoneer. A red one circa earyl 80s. I think they're the perfect beach car. But the gas efficiency? oy.
Anonymous said…
I thought about getting some of these. I just can't pull the trigger on artwork these days.


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