Tuesday, December 1, 2009

holiday baubles

Vintage Glass Orbs from Suzan Fellman look holiday, year round. I love how they look en masse, but even one would be a great accent, table top or book end. $65-$165
Also feeling the Holiday vibe with the Laurel Wreath themed pieces over at Emily Elizabeth jewelery.
there's something so, 'hark the herald angels sing' about this look:
If you're not one to pull the off the Laurel Crown, try the bangle instead...
and then there's the Pippa Small Peacock cuff, which I can't quite figure out if I love, or if it has the slightest, 'I work at NBC and I'm proud of it' ring to it. No matter at 14,000 Euros, I'll probably pass.
*sigh*. red, shagreen, asian inspired. exquisite. Who cares what else you have on when you have this number in your clutch.
love them. I've already tried them on, and they don't look great on me but I think someone out there needs these. The holidays are the perfect time to don the door knockers. These are complete in their kitsch with the rhinestone vintage detailing. You know who you are, no go out and rock them.


Dragonfly said...

Ooooh - those glass orbs are soooooo stunning. I want!!
A cluster would be so lovely ....... (I'd better get a second job)!!

Mrs. Blandings said...

All great choices, but the tassel on the shagreen bag is so charming.


love the peacock cuff--please tell santa!

Courtney said...

Me! Me! I want the fish earrings so badly. But I'm nervous if you put them on and they didn't work. You can work anything!

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