Monday, December 7, 2009

I am the firestarter

mon dieu. pair this one with a green rigaud? c'est magnifique.
ernst gamp vases:.:.: are beautiful and have major soul. learn. more. here.
elle decor '05
fireplace fierce.
design:: tom scheerer::photo by simon upton, house beautiful, 8/08
faux bois wallpaper by nobilis
pottery barn. per usual. stumped? it's a bedside lamp/table from egg collective
log bowls::loyal hoot collective via a.p.t.
more wood:: it's (k)not wood blog


Greet said...

Fabulous post with fabulous ideas! I so love the wooden items!

Thank you for sharing!

Zia Meadows said...

absolutely lovely- so elegant! I think I like the bedside light bowls the most

Mrs. Blandings said...

Great post. I'd found the It's (k)not your wood blog while researching my faux bois article for Spaces. Confirmed that there is, indeed, a blog about everything.

red ticking said...

love fireplaces and anything that smells like them! i do sell loads of "cypres" riguad candles this time of year... i am addicted to them... have one burning now!
have a wonderful holiday... x pam


I can't imagine living through a Canadian winter without a 'firestarter' near by...or at the very least a flip of the switch for a gas one!

Karena said...

Such great ideas! Love the natural looks.

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