Tuesday, December 8, 2009

solitude + storm

My sweet friend Audrey, who has a great blog { parcel post } with super cool stationary/paper/graphic finds, recently featured Jay Kelly's work. I love the whole feel of them- they remind me of a late afternoon snowfall in the mountains { I know, very descriptive, but don't they? } .
Kelly has done a line of very affordable small cards, suitable for framing and available only at Audrey's gorgeous shop: Urbanic on Abbot Kinney. What a great gift idea! Audrey and her husband, Josh, are the proprietors of two fantastic Abbot Kinney staples: Urbanic and Neighborhood. Must sees if you're in Venice.


Anonymous said...

Just beautiful. I adore the layered collage look. A very talented artist!

Karena said...

Very cool! Collages can be wonderful, they really draw you in...

Mrs. Blandings said...

Love the "S."

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