Tuesday, March 30, 2010

spring break

you know, here's the thing, when you live in L.A. there are a lot of great little luxuries that one can get very jaded around. But one thing I don't take for granted is our close proximity to mountains, beach and desert. This week, as with many, is our spring break. So, eenie meanie miney moe, DESERT.
Lovely arid heat that has baked my skin to an even, leathery tan {not really, mom I wore 30 the whole time. mostly. }. and I won't be posting my 'Palm Springs Wardrobe' via polyvore . I have never been able to work the, "Slim Aarrons does the desert" ensemble and get proper cred where cred is due, from my kids. So I'll just post a few of photos most of us know and love.
vintage Met Home photo via xjavier. Cameo appearance of David Hicks fabric, 'Ambrosia Rose'
Tru, dat.

Friday, March 26, 2010

peace out

A spring gathering, originally uploaded by IrenaS.
I think I may head to Palm Springs this weekend. Bask in the dry heat. Drift, Benjamin-like in a cool pool of chlorine. Plans?

Thursday, March 25, 2010

My mother left me a voice mail this morning, 'it's your mom and I'm concerned because you haven't updated your blog all week. please call ' { it's nice to know that some of my original readers are still so loyal } I've been at West Week for the past 2 days. Thus the lack of posting. i sort of didn't feel the need to blog because, it felt like I had opened bloglovin' and fallen into it.
Several other bloggers were in town, lots of designers, parties and lectures. I was living La Bloga Loca, no need to write it.
Margaret Russell and Monelle {William Sonoma Home} at the WSH book signing party.
o.k. down to business and a brief, WestWeek re-cap {in no particular order}
From the Elle Decor lecture: Margaret Russell is everything you figured she'd be, but even tinier, prettier and... funny {did you know that she'd be funny?} She's kind of amazing. And rocks the cocktail dress like nobody.
Our girl Patricia {aka mrs. blandings} was of course lovely, poised and eloquent as she participated on the Elle Decor panel. I think they shot video and it should be up at some point, I'm guessing, on the elledecor.com website.
Here's a golden nugget: If you're a designer, and you want Elle Decor to look at your work. Guess what, you don't need a front man. You just shoot your images over to Margaret herself. It's that easy. {I remember Stephen Drucker telling us that on SRT, and it was great to hear Margaret reiterate.}
Vincent Wolfe is witty - again, had heard this but seeing his wit in action was great- very droll. And he's claims to be completely computer handicapped- and doesn't seem to care. His assistant writes his blog as he dictates to her via 'SCAPE' {that would be 'skype'}
More advice from Margaret: If you have your own website lose the 'skip intro' page. If you're giving someone the option, they're going to skip it. keep your site simple and the photos of high quality.
Elle Decor finally has a great website. It actually looks like it's part of the magazine. Remember how domino's website felt connected to the magazine? Elle Decor has finally figured this all out. Check it out, there are some really cool new features including a place to upload your work- for free.
the PDC needs more signage. That place is insanely hard to navigate. no matter how many times I'm there, I start to feel like I'm in some kind of a corn maze.
and speaking of food product, eating at the PDC takes some kind of laborious effort. Seriously, better signage would help those of us who have enough trouble navigating the joint with out the addition of low blood sugar confusion.
and in case you're wondering, John Robshaw is even hotter in person. Whenever he walked by, it was like a slow motion movie with dappled sun streaming behind him as he slowly lifted his mirrored aviators and raked a hand through his hair. {or at least that's what it felt like to me- standing to the side, holding my books wearing braces and head gear}
and more thoughts:
I'm too old for 2 late nights in a row. must go to sleep at 7 pm tonight.
And finally this came to a friend and me, while waiting for a lecture to begin and examining my own $23.00 shoes: If you don't own red soled shoes, a good DIY project would be to paint them with red nailpolish - and then blog about it. thanks for checking in today as I realize I haven't be around much this week.

Monday, March 22, 2010

let's start the week off right

Eaaaassssy there, 'Anthropomorphic Monday', yes we see you sneering at us as we dish about the weekend and upcoming, non-work related things. Go shuffle some papers and solve the problems of the world, we have more important things to download as we sail into the seven seas of monday.....
First on the list:
Free music. I still really miss being able to make my digital mixed tapes. Mixed Tape Monday, was one of my favorite posts to do. It was a great way to ease on into the week. {If anyone knows of a replacement to the now defunct, Mixwit, please let me know}
Last week, my friend Michael, turned me on to this free download. Which, for lack of a better word {brain not working so great on Monday morn.}, rocks. It's NPR's FREE, South by Southwest 11 song download. Get yer, Music Monday on now. here
March 24 & 25: West Week at the Pacific Design Center, here in L.A. A great opportunity to hear presentations, see exhibits and meet some of your favorite designers. In particular I'm looking forward to hearing the Elle Decor presentation on which my friend, and fellow blogger, Mrs.Blandings, aka Patricia Shackelford will be joining Margaret Russell, Mayer Rus and Vicente Wolfe in moderating the event: "Giving a voice in the digital age-Navigating the new media landscape"
That begins Wednesday at 11:00 a.m. and is open to the public.
Also wanted to mention that over on The Skirted Round Table, the Tobi Fairley Interview is up. Tobi's work was featured on the cover of the March issue of House Beautiful. This is a great interview regarding the business side of interior design in particular. Tobi's beginnings are in accounting and business. With an MBA in hand, she parlayed her love of design into a successful, Little Rock based I.D. firm.
I think that's it. Now get to work, Monday's giving you the stink eye.

Friday, March 19, 2010

peace out

originally uploaded by coquinete.

Thursday, March 18, 2010

mood matcher

These images from the Harvey Faircloth site completely matched my mood today: 'Happy and Inspired'

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

'...it's like still photography on speed'

One of the very, few {if only} commercials that has caught my eye, in ohhhhh... probably the past 5 years is the stop motion spot for Amazon's Kindle. What grabbed me was the vintage saturation of the images, the hand made quality and that stop motion method that has awed me and piqued my curiosity since Davie & Goliath kept me company on Sunday mornings.
The ad, shot by the beautiful & immensely talented photographer, Angela Kohler and her adorable boyfriend, photographer Ithyle Griffiths, was amazingly created in 7 hours.
I recently ran across another piece of their stop motion work on Angela's website {starring and music by, 'a fine frenzy'}
When you watch these things, don't you wonder how they shoot them? In doing a little more investigating {actually I was trying to find the above short on Vimeo - a much better way to view videos} I ran across this interview with the Angela and Ithyle: It's a little lengthy {13 minutes - but worth it }

A sit down on the set with Angela Kohler and Ithyle Griffiths from Lou Lesko on Vimeo.

I'll share a few of the highlights- Angela and Ithyle made the ad as an entry for a contest held by Amazon. Having never before shot a stop motion film {is that crazy?}, the two of them created it, with minimal equipment and no live feed. Meaning, they had no way of seeing what they were actually filming until it was done. Annie Little, the blonde woman featured in their Kindle ad, not only starred in the spot, but also wrote and sang that great little tune, 'Fly Me Away'.
Perfectly beautiful and extarordinary talented- someone hit the lottery of life.
oh, and, I still don't know how they do this.
preppy player just alerted me of Angela Kohler's great blog

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

party on

I laughed yesterday when I looked at my last posting: "peace out". peace. out. Peaceful was not my weekend. Saturday night thirteen, 8 year olds descended upon our little bungalow for a sleep over. Did you get that? 13 people, plus two of my own all under the age of 9. The high pitch squeals and unbridled energy, had my eyes spinning within the first hour { the patience of school teachers never fails to impress me }. Keep in mind these two variables to this equation: tiny house, no yard. Holy crap. We made it and I'm only, today- Tuesday, coming out of the stupor.
I would love to continue by posting beautiful photos of a long table filled with galvanized buckets of daisies or maybe small clutches of pink carnations held tightly by vintage McCoy vases parading down the center. Perhaps each chair with a polka-dot covered slip, and a pink balloon floating above.
And a table of food, spread with varying levels of cake stands, each presenting, tea sandwiches, and artisan cupcakes, with little pointed toothpick flags sticking out of the top. Adorably themed goody bags that only the other mothers would ooh and ahh over.
but, alas, my client shot down all of these dreamy ideas and instead, asked for a grainy, sugary cake { 'a white cake' } from our local beach bakery. 'and I want pictures of the dogs on it, please'
{aww, why ya hafta go and make it so easy on me.}
So, here you go:
{All of you party bloggers, feel free to use this shot - no cred. necessary . actually, no cred please.}
The cake was devoured, sleep was had, and even yesterday my house still smelled of cheap frosting and spilled juice boxes.
Mark it down as another successful, beach bungalow bash.

Friday, March 12, 2010

peace out

, originally uploaded by .trevor.

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Rose Tarlow Melrose House, Waterworks, Natural Curiosities, Warehouse sale!- Friday and Saturday -girl scout cookies available for sale too.

If your heart is palpitating at rabbit/rapid speed, to the sound of this - like mine was, when I received the 411 - then you'll not want to miss this first ever, Warehouse sale of Rose Tarlow Melrose House furnishings and fabrics, Waterworks bathroom fixtures and Natural Curiosities prints. Usually it's the trade and insiders that get in on all of the good deals, but this time, it's to the public.
aren't these outdoors chairs fantastic?
check out these mirrors!!
these gal needs a loving home. She's beautiful and proud and just waiting for that special someone.
I was lucky enough to get a preview tour today of the massive stock of goods. And the goods, they are good. Rose Tarlow, gently worn chairs, sofas, tables, lamps, botanicals and fabrics {this is where I predict major clawing and mayhem} and more, are all available at up to 80% off.
And as if all of that wasn't enough, Natural Curiosities will be there with their beautiful prints also discounted AS will, Waterworks. It's basically the trifecta of great design - discounted. And did I mention, it's available, 'to the public'?
Friday and Saturday, 10 a.m. to 4 p.m.
and while you're there, say hello to the resident Girl Scout and buy a few boxes of Thin Mints
13051 Saticoy St., North Hollywood.{ around back }
Delivery options will be available.
For more information, call (323) 651-2202

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