fer pete's sake, it's as purdy as a postcard.

uh...can we take a second to read the beach report? EIGHT NINE degrees? based on the the sunset time, I assume this was taken in the summer. But still. Bath water. I'm so jealous.
There's definitely a slow growing trend to salvage tired motor inns, doomed for destruction, giving them a new, hipper vibe. Postcard Inn on the Beach St. Pete's Beach, Florida is one of the newest examples of the concept. When the motel {built in 1957 as the Colonial Gateway Inn } was purchased by a large hospitality development organization and doomed for demolition, the neighbors chose to save the 204-room, two story, U-shaped motel and reincarnate it as a bohemian, well priced surfer chic hotel.
I'm still so envious of the fact that the Gulf Waters are 89 degrees. We're lucky when it hits 69, here in L.A.


Wow, Megan. Very pretty. If my husband ever follows thru on his threat to make me visit his family in Florida (where domicile style is NOT a priority but a giant-tired truck is), I'll lobby for a stay at this place. Thanks!
katiedid said…
FUN!!!!! Now if we could get a place like this in California where I can drive (budget is tight this year....damn those UC tuition hikes!) I'm in business.
pamwares said…
This place is right down the street from me and it is a crazy cool hotel. I call it the W Hotel for the beach. Edgy, modern and cool. The bar-b-que place is very yummy. But when you walk out back near the pool the rooms are side by side and no second and it is like modern cabins with hammocks in front with short fences between. It is awesome.
Gramercy Home said…
I love that you featured this place. I live in St. Petersburg (and Atlanta) and know this place well. I am hoping a lot of other older motels will follow in this trend. One of my favorite things they do is the oversized photo wall paper....it's a different scene in all the rooms. And, yes. The water is great right now!
3dblur said…
Über cool! Love the surf motif! The Postcard Inn was successful at cutting design costs by effectively incorporating a theme. In a current (Newport Beach) project of mine, a client couldn't afford the $700. Pia Wallen Crux Blanket pricetag. So we are having my brother-in-law (a surfer/painting contractor) paint a surfboard matte black w/a large white Swiss-cross logo. Total cost $250. (including the board). It will hang above a black-lacquer upright piano in the living room... beckoning guests to the backyard pool...
farnorthcarrie said…
I just stayed at a great one in Boise, http://www.themodernhotel.com/. Great idea for reuse, reduce, recycle.
We traveled alot when I was growing up and stayed in lots of those motels. I'm glad to see they're being saved. Of course I love that beach theme. Don't get water temps like that much in Manhattan, do you?

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