* p e a c e o u t *

It's Home Town Fair this weekend, in Manhattan Beach. 

It's sloshy baggies of goldfish, won at a booth, held tight in grippy hands . It's food tents on the baseball field, billowing out thick smoke and chili being eaten out of bags of Fritos in the heat of the high noon sun (why is it always hot and steamy on this weekend?) It's the town's, Hyperion band comprised of Dixieland playing, Octogenarians in red and white striped jackets playing under the shade of a  Pepper Berry tree in front of the Scout House.  It's crafty crafts ( some with a captial 'K' ), it's firehouse tours,  it's bouncy houses and pony rides, it's the beer garden for some, and it's hokey - for sure. But it's one of the last vestiges of what this town used to be: a little slice of simple living by the sea.

happy hometown weekend.


Unknown said…
It sounds amazing. I haven't had a "frito pie" in ages. And you have to eat them out of the bag or they just don't taste the same. :)
LiveLikeYou said…
That sounds so nice! Here it's raining and getting cold..heck why don't I live in California? Running out of reasons.

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