weekend recap

I jetted out of here on Thursday but wanted to thank Modern Bird Studios for inviting me to be a part of their  'Weekly Blogger Interview' last week. Truly, I was honored.  Megan, at Modern Bird, had some pretty funny questions for me and it was fun to be a part of it all.

If you don't already know about Modern Bird, hop over there and check it out. It's a great way to create, personalized, custom art that's affordable and super hip-like.

During the weekend, I was twittering away some photos from the event that I attended ( a friend's Napa Valley birthday party ) but I realize that some of you aren't hooked up to the  Twitter I.V. like others of us. So here are some shots from the weekend:

The light is so much different up there, while it still feels summery down here, Northern California, is already beginning change its colors.  


Meadow Wood's rooms are beautifully tucked away into a woodsy hillside over looking the valley.

friday night we hosted a little get together at the beautiful 'farmstead' restaurant.

the night of the party, the setting: a beautiful vineyard with grapes basking in the warm evening, autumn sun.

The dinner table, set up in the barrel room of the winery. 

I  ordered the flowers from Studio Choo, and they were STUNNING. Besides being so lovely to work with, I gave them minimal direction and they slayed it ( which I believe in fully: don't hire a creative if you don't fully trust their abilities ) Their creations were everything and more. If you're in the SF area, these folks are the best in the flower field.

 Maureen's birthday cake blow-out. To which I can only say.....Mo' candles , Mo' wishes.


Ana Degenaar said…
I love these photos! It is as if I was there! Thanks for sharing!
Beautiful images..love the table setting in the winery....I have a soft spot for winery as i grew up near Bordeaux on a vinyard
Peggy and Fritz said…
Megan you did an absolutely amazing job with the table, the place cards, the menu, etc. The artwork was amazing and I know Maureen loved all of it. Your truly talented and I know she was so grateful for all that you did. The flowers were incrediable. It was a great time and I think we all agree Nick was the best MC :)
mary said…
All so beautiful! I'm patiently waiting for Fall to arrive in So. Cal. Thanks.
Treadgold said…
Wow what a night, really captures the mood of the evening. Thanks so much for sharing.

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