Tuesday, November 16, 2010


love the color palette +  light in this room. Take note as it seems we'll be seeing a lot more of this to come. From the Norwegian blog, Mali Mo


Leigh Chandler said...

Gorgeous room and palette! I think these will be the most popular colors of 2011. Dreamy!

Cote de Texas said...

le pretty. this color scheme was the rage in the paris shows. remember? reminds me of your floors. still jello over those.

Lisa said...

So glad. Love these color ways.
Love greige too.
xo Lisa

Karena said...

Love the palette, and I adore the rich deep shades to set off the lighter shades.

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Kifus said...

Love these soft tones. So serene and inviting.

Splenderosa said...

Love this! I have long adored the grays & silvers in decorating, to me it looks so luxurious. Marsha

Curious Details said...

Loverly. I would take this over the Restoration Hardware beigy greigy any day. Today in fact.

BonjourBruxelles said...

I keep coming back to this image. It's just amazingly soft.

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