Wednesday, May 1, 2013

house of cool

Tibi, founder, Amy Smilovic embodies the, 'Cool Mom' thing. Following her creative passion, she's created a killer fashion line, has a kick-ass house in Connecticut and, from the looks of things, none of this has taken away from her number one love, her boys. I gotta a mom crush on....


Wallpaper to die for in all of these rooms.

  When I first saw these I thought (well first I thought, How cute are those boys styled?) I thought, is this the boys' room and they actually have an inspiration board with fabric samples? On closer examination I think this is Amy's home office. Love the Madeline Weinrib fabric on that royal blue chair.

These photos were plucked from the awesome website, The Glow, where celebrating fashionable + inspiring moms - is their dealio. Go check it out.

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