Last week I carried the last box from the garage, lugged it into the back of the car and tugged down the, once, electric garage door. At last, after 3 consecutive days of 14 hours of moving, I bade farewell to 13 years of living in the little Beach Bungalow by the sea.

The resident teenagers when I first began this blog. 

When I began this blog, it was simply a means of sharing with whomever was out there in the vast unknown - soon to be known as  "The Blogosphere". I'd read my little ones a book, put them to bed, shut their doors and pad out to my gar-office to peck away at my keyboard. I had no idea if anyone was reading. Or really cared.  You were my adults to relax with after a day of single parenting.

A last shot before the movers come Check out how the floors patina-ed. I love it.

I created posts about anything that inspired me creatively. I had no agenda, just this need to put it out there. Probably much of it was odd and obscure to most. But week after week, you all checked in, joined me, commented and became part of my life in the little bungalow.

Freshly painted and papered. The bus sign has found a new home at a bachelor friend's apartment. He loves it.

Through the years, I've shared a new marriage, the painted floors heard round the world, the beach bungalow bedroom, the Imperial Trellis accent wall that just wouldn't quit (trust me, I  was sick of it too. ) I blogged about kid friendly spaces, being inspired to design a space based on things like a dollar bill. I shared music, fashion, beautiful, awe inspiring interiors and fine art. And I guess I'm not done yet. I just needed a bit of a break, or a something to shake things up.

It's a "beach bedroom". Google will tell you so. I loved how a few 1 x 4s completely changed the look of this, dry walled addition that was new to the house (and looked it) when I first bought it.

whoa. TBT . Reminding me that it's always good to change things up.

See what I did there? I went and changed that damn wallpaper. A perfect blogging moment lost. ( Fred'll be watching for cats)

Beginning the deconstruction.

gross. I swear my house was not this dirty before I had movers stomping through dragging ladders with clumps of dirt and leaves. Also, yes, I get the urge to paint things in my house at 10pm, do it myself through the night, too tired and without help, to move anything. So, I just paint around it.

This recent move, not far from The Bungalow, has inspired me to jump back into the old blog; clear away some cobwebs, weed the garden and spruce things up. My hiatus was probably a good thing. Sometimes we need to, purge a bit, step back to gain perspective and then start a new. 

View from the new beach bedroom. 

If you're still out there, thanks for checking in. I'm planning to share some peeks into the new pad. I'm hella busy these days with design clients, but I'm really going to try and get a few posts in a week.

In the mean time, thank you,  our little beach bungalow by the sea. We wrung you dry of every last ounce of spirit you had left. We loved you hard and I'm pretty sure you loved us right back. You were one of the lone survivors in a sea of McMansions and will forever be in our memories. xoxo


I can't believe I missed the chance to see this beautiful spot in person. Looking forward to seeing your new place!
Mrs. White said…
A sweet tribute. Happy you're back and can't wait to see what you do next!
Linda Merrill said…
Congrats on your new home! I guess we're in synch! Can't wait to see pics and what you do with it.
MJH DesignArts said…
I've been missing you. Wishing joy and love and peace in the new abode--maybe "Bungalow 8.1"?
72 and sunny said…
Thanks and thanks, you guys. I sort of kept it all on the DL. Wasn't sure how I was going to feel about the move, even though it was an upgrade.
I'm excited to have this new environment to inspire and push my comfort zones.

I wish I could have had a Beach Bungalow Bash for everyone that has tuned in over the years! As my wise friend reminds me, we endings come new beginnings. "carry on"
cotedetexas said…

omg - so glad you are back! we need to reconnect the SRT!!!!

so happy for you - a new house? on the beach again? looks fabulous.

can't wait for more pics. wow. sooo happy!!!

DonnaB said…
*hand raised* here!
welcome back...glad to see the beach bungalow pop up.
ann said…
AHHHH! My favorite Bungalow - how I love love love that house. Excited to see what you do with your new digs and love the location and you will have some killer sunsets. I want an invite for Vino so I can check it out and see how you once again sprinkle your magic. Great tribute.
Anonymous said…
glad you are back.


Anonymous said…
glad you are back.

Bernadette said…
Great news! Looking forward to your posts - always entertaining and inspiring!
Market Decor said…
I always liked your blog - glad you're back - I agree with Joni - do some more SRT sessions! I get taking a break though - sometimes we just need too!
Monica said…
Thank you! You've inspired me! I love everything about this post. Looking forward to more.
northsidefour said…
So happy you're back, I love keeping up with you. New digs? So curious.
Sara L. said…
Yay...cant wait to read abt your new adventure. I sure loved that little cottage, but onwards and upwards you must go
Dianne said…
Just found you again! So glad you are back. Always a favorite!
Crissy said…
Hey! Welcome back!! So glad I didn't give up checking in on you and that you are going to start sharing again!

robyn said…
Aww this was sweet megan! so glad i stopped by! xo

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