Monday, April 30, 2007

John Robshaw crush

I have a new crush. His name is John Robshaw. Not the man mind you, but his line of textiles. I know. I'm a fickle one. But, I've been admiring him for some time now, noticing the clever ways he uses indigenous materials from India, all hand-printed and hand-stitched by local artisans. It's all so wonderful that it gives me the shivers. I adore worldliness in a person and even more so in the items with which I surround myself. Robshaw has put this quality into form. His use of ancient craftsmanship, picked up in his travels throughout India and Southeast Asia, not only show his worldliness but that he really 'gets' it. The wide range of color and design give such a thoroughly modern edge to the boho look. Ethnic, block printed textiles have been main stream since Pier 1 opened it's doors. What's different here is the use of bright apple greens and hot pinks mixed in with earthy, clay-ey tones. This gives it a much more accessible, chic feel. I really think that even if you're not a lover of the organic, ethnic look (hi, Trisha) you'll love his designs. Mixed in with a classic, mattress ticking stripe or white linen gives it a fresh and unexpected look. (I really believe that even Pottery Barn is trying to knock him off these days) One of my favorite John Robshaw items, is the Pichhwai pillows. These are hand painted pillows with a pumped up pastel palette (decadence). That's right, it's hand painted (biting my knuckle) It's simply lovely and primitive in design. It would be beautiful and exotic in a soft pink little girl's bedroom. The bird motif on these pillows, is so far from the silhouette-birds-on-a-wire thing that seems omnipresent these days. it's so refreshing and a little funky . Like I said, I have a crush on this stuff and I might even venture to say that I'm in love with it.

Friday, April 27, 2007

I'm so white

Some of you may have seen my Manhattan Beach bungalow on last fall. A bit autumnal. Cozy when there's a chill in the air. An eat warm soups sort of place. lots of color everywhere. Which I love. But now, with summer upon us, the windows open, the screen door banging, little sandy, bare feet in and out, it's time to change the palette up bit. Out with the leather, masculine sofa and Kilim rug (thank god!!!) in with the sisal (overstock .com -greatly discounted) and lovely, modern sofa from room and board . Now look a little closer...see the pillows? cute, right? Target. Kid you not. Target's the shizzle these days. This fabric swatch (not from Target) is a beautiful linen with an embroidered coral detail. I'm going to have a few big pillows made of this. I've also added more mirrored items such as that lamp to the right of the sofa. I was inspired by my Ebay find of the groovy 70s place mats that sit on my IKEA coffee table. Also I like what the reflective qualities do for a small space. Future plans include, new slip covers for the chairs. This time in a 'Les Indiennes' theme--a white linen with a, wood- block type, Indian print in blues. Also, I'll be replacing the window panels. I'm thinking I'll go to IKEA and buy some basic white, duck cloth panels and then embellish them with an edging of burlap. I'll keep you posted on the transformation. So far I'm loving all the white.

peace out

have a peaceful weekend! xoxo, megan

here we go loobylu!

Mixed media artist, Claire Roberston, creates these incredibly cute dolls and illustrations. Talk about cute overload! With all of the skanky toys for kids out there (bratz ?) this just makes me feel cleansed and happy. They bring the joyful innocence of childhood back into the toy.
These little wonders are beautiful and creative and have such sweet little faces that I just want to squeeze the stuffing out of them (sort of like my own kids) Roberston also has an award winning blog which can be seen here (loobylu) (rookie girl-I haven't figured out how to get my links to work.)
Thank you Claire for contributing your talents!

Thursday, April 26, 2007

sea of green

jadeite, originally uploaded by bungalow8.

I've always loved the beauty of beach glass and its translucent qualities. Many years ago, I discovered jadite at an old restaurant supply store in kansas city, missouri. It reminded me so much of ocean tumbled glass that I bought a stack of coffee mugs for a dollar a piece. Later, with the birth of ebay, I found more and my collection grew. In 1942 Jadite, became the signature item of the Fire-King, Anchor Hocking glass line. The oven-ware was attractive, durable, and inexpensive. Items were multi-functional. A casserole was used to bake, serve, and then store leftovers in the refrigerator. The color inspired me so much that I've painted the walls in two different houses in this hue (martha stewart's 'taper green' found at OSH hardware) I still check on jadite when I'm having an ebay kinda day. The prices have gone up with popularity, but I'm ever hopeful to stumble across another pile of it for a dollar.

Tuesday, April 24, 2007

With reverent honor for all things anthropologie, I'm just sayin'..

I love anthropologie. I want to marry it. I want the store (any of them) to be my cool SOHO loft. I want the racks of clothes to be my personal closet. I want to steep myself in the beauty of this Wary-Meyers love child ( I want to roll around in the majesty of organic, retro-hippyness and hope that some of it sticks to me. I'm a big fan. So you know when I ask, 'what the heck is the deal with the gorgeous furniture that's made so shoddily" it's only because I'm trying to help with the quality control over there. check out this photo....notice the (crooked) leg? It's from the website. photo style much? when I went to test drive the furniture, in person, I noticed that it weighs about 3 pounds. that's quality. I'm just sayin'...for the price, you'd think they could step up their game a bit.

Sunday, April 22, 2007

beachbungalow8 header stripe

beachbungalow8stripe, originally uploaded by bungalow8.

i'm thinking of this as my new header....thoughts?

Thursday, April 19, 2007

As the korakia flies

the following post is from my guest blogging post at sfgirlbybay.. For years, Palm Springs has been a quick get away for the smog laden folks of L.A. (it's about a two hour drive due east). Once there, the air is clear and still, the mornings fresh and quiet. The mountains appear as cardboard backdrops to this arid oasis. It's a place that seems to make the rest of the world melt away. With the Palm Springs resurgence of mid-century modern enthusiasts, it seems that everyone from Kelly Wearstler to the guy who cuts my hair, is taking old funny, flat roofed apartment buildings and outfitting them in Saarinen, Nelson, Eames, and Bertolia. And doing it with such a deft hand that it all looks fabulous. However, it seems that now days, you've seen one, you've seen them all. It's becoming a tad ho-hum. This is why, when I turned down a neighborhood street and saw a chalky, white Moroccan building with heavily carved wooden doors from another century, I had to see more. Pushing through these doors, revealed a dusty little front yard with the most fragrant Valencia orange trees, a trickling fountain and a little table with blue bottles dripped with the wax of a hundred candles. A large, arched, open doorway with a huge swinging lantern opened into the tiled vestibule. Right away, I was taken. Someone was up to something special, and I needed to be a part of it. Korakia, Greek for crow according to Doug Smith, current owner and architectual restorer, has historical significance in Palm Springs dating back to the 20s when it was built as a pensione for artists and writers. The hip decor includes hand-carved four-poster beds draped in hand washed, sun dried linens. The rooms are appointed in a spartan way using campaign furniture, original wood floors surrounded by adobe walls. All around are African and Balinese influences (and 7th grade artwork from his, now grown, daughter--gotta love it! I can say this, after you walk through the entryway and out to a beautiful private pool (with a wonderful mosaic of a crow embedded in the bottom) you do not feel that you are anywhere remotely close to Los Angeles. or even California for that matter. You are suddenly, transported to Tangier and all of your cares are forgotten. Lazy dogs, lie around in the shade of a bougainvillea canopy, the employees, pad by in chic white, wrap skirts designed by 'dosa' (which are for sale and I snagged one!) The sound of a waterfall and the white flower perfume of the citrus trees is pure heaven. Guests enjoy, basking in the sun on old fashioned, wheeled, metal chaises. A panini lunch with a yummy salad is offered at lunch time for any takers. There is no menu, just sort of the attitude of 'hey I was thinking of whipping up a panini and a yummy for some?" sha! Every morning out on the front patio, the guests can sit at little farm tables covered in bleached out cotton cloths and sip fresh squeezed o.j. while waiting for whatever little concoction they had provisions for that morning. Smith, wanders from table to table chatting up the guests while reprimanding a random dog for swiping a piece of french toast off of distracted guest's plate. It's all very euro-homey but at the same time- it feels luxurious and sophisticated. It's as though you are the house guest of an eccentric, ex-pat friend who decided on building a b&b in a place he fell in love with while on holiday. You expect to sit at a long table, with exotic co-guests for a communal dinner, drinking a lot of great wine--'Stealing Beauty' style. The only difference is that through that gate, around the corner and down the street sits an 80s built marriott. This is a place that doesn't advertise, because as Smith says, and I paraphrase, "I only want people that my guests want to be around, so I depend largely on word of mouth" And you know who you are if this sort of attitude gets you so excited! Come Monday morning, when I woke up, in my own bed, back at home, I had that funny displaced feeling you get when you get back from traveling to a foreign country. photo credits: dog, windows & front yard--

happy earth day!

I've been guest blogging over at the following postings are what I've been up to. While working with interior space has always inspired, excited and intrigued me, I've always depended on others to 'take care of' and create my gardens. The first time I met my friend Robyn what drew me in was her, personal, gentle beauty, creativeness and inherent connection with the earth. Sort of a modern day, sophisticated 'earthy girl' - if you will. I knew right away that whatever it was this gal was doing, I was sold. She could create my outdoor space anyday. Over the past 10 years, Robyn has cultivated and nurtured a landscape design business that is deeply rooted in her love for nature, children and design. A native of the San Francisco area, Robyn spent much of her childhood, tromping through the woods of Tiburon, learning the names of native species and taking in what plants, nature so perfectly aligned. She later turned this passion into Robyn Pope Gardens, a landscaping design business, specializing in 'child friendly gardens'. "Children love to explore the outdoors. Any small adventure they can concoct, they will. I like to design safe spaces for children that will encourage investigation, imagination and adventure. A space where action figures come alive in the hardscape area, and children run, jump and swing. A garden filled with luscious textures and variations of green, spots of colour here and there and canopies of branches to sit under and perhaps sip lemonade." Not only does Robyn design gardens that are child friendly, she works with recycled and reclaimed items to create garden structures. "A favourite part of designing for me is to create functional structures from existing materials. It's not quite an invention, but some call it inventive. Metal is a favourite of mine. It has strength that does not take away from a landscape and blends quite easily into most outdoor spaces."  Robyn's gardens can be seen throughout San Francisco, Carmel and Los Angeles.


I once had a house in Boston and it came with the walls painted yellow. post-it note yellow. "no bueno" I said. "gotta go", "Can't live with it!", "It vibrates!" I said. Others said to me, "I think it's quite nice. Up-beat, sunny even." And so it was then that I came to conclude: you either ARE a yellow person or are not. I was the latter. Until now.... I'm seeing yellow everywhere and loving it. Not post-it note yellow mind you. But a deep, warm yellow. A yummy, mom's-1972-patent-leather-Anne-Klein-pumps- yellow. and I LOVE it. Need it for summer to accessorize and look tan. Need to add it to a room in small doses like little glints of gold. It just adds that lovely, Palm Springs vintage touch to everything. and really, I do believe that it's a neutral. This little chair from anthropologie is the shizzle. Having a couple of these in my tiffany box blue, living room would make the whole room sing with a resounding, "that's fresh!". It's a whole new approach to 'beach bungalow chic'. You've been wanting that perfect 'daffodil' dress to wear to a summer soiree? Look no further, the blossom has bloomed. How great is this little cotton number (look closer, there's a Jacquard print thing going on) It's by Milly and can be found at Bergdorf Goodman's. Who knew ruffles and bows could look so darned sophisticated and mod. Did I mention my mom's vintage Anne Kleins? Unfortunately, there isn't a little gold lion logo, but, yowza! these are some kicks with some serious kick! dolce vita shoes can be found at oh! and how lovely the gold looks against this color! Pull out all of your old 80s gold...because a warm yellow is a perfect backdrop. Embossed snake skin? In yellow!?? give me a break! This bag (designed by Stephenie Hammitt) had my adrenaline going from the get! from the moment I saw it, I pictured myself hailing a cab with it dangling off of my arm, going to dinner with me in palm springs sitting beside me like a little pet. Because this color goes SO well with navy...just think of how great this will look with your dark washed, super skinny jeans OR with a great pair of trouser cut jeans (very Lee Radizwell) Grab this little nugget at Is that what this is? That it's reminiscent of the early 70s without being obvious? Is it that it just adds a little wow to about any old thing? Is it that it works with everyone's coloring (I swear it does and I'm a 'red head') or is it that, in the end, I really am a yellow person.

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