Monday, June 25, 2007

i got your number

not too long ago i wrote a posting about vintage portrait art. civilian art. garage sale purchases. treasures you know someone who fancied themselves an artist made. my other civi-art-love is vintage paint by numbers. sure it's kitsch but it also has this tonal quality that i find tranquil. i think to do this look right, you have to do it en masse. floor to cieling. when i was a kid and got these for a birthday present. they sort of annoyed me.the whole process was really tedious and i've always had a hard time 'staying in the lines'. i usually ended up doing my own thing all over the little canvas and creating havoc. but i must say, i have grown to love these funny little craft items. i love the regimented color placement. and i'm not sure what going on with this one, below... but holy cow, this one is insane. i may go bid on it right now at ebay.

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