Friday, September 28, 2007

peace out

mooonrise, originally uploaded by Automatt.

from my 'home' . a lovely shot of the harvest moon last week

Thursday, September 27, 2007

'tis the season

a great seasonal piece by donald baechler

goings ons

around here, i often hear, 'i'm so boooored' to which i say, 'great. go be bored someplace else' here are a few not so boring (and in fact quite stimulating and glamorous) events going on this weekend in LA-LA land.
book signing:
one of my favorite artists, photographer catherine ledner's book 'animal house' is finally out!!! yippee!
now you can own an entire book of her fantastic animal pieces. ledner will be signing her gorgeous tome at book soup in hollyweird this sunday. (i'm def going to try and get my bored little peeps there)
Book Signing at Book Soup 8818 Sunset Blvd. W. Hollywood CA 90069 Email: telephone: 310. 659.3110 or toll free: 800. 764.BOOK
Swerve Festival:
"Swerve Festival is a new annual (can't be new and annual people, but we get your drift) festival dedicated to celebrating West Coast creative culture and its community inspired by art, film, music and action sports.
the three day fest, will bring together, the West Coast creative culture and its community inspired by art, film, music and action sports.
if you're a music junkie this is going to be a lalapalooza type extravaganza. bands include: We Are Scientists, Bonde Do Role, Illinois, Thee More Shallows, Oh No! Oh My!, Snowden, Foreign Born, The Black Angels, The Toxic Avenger, Juiceboxxx, LA Riots and more.
and bonus for you fellow music lovers, the new joy division movie by, Anton Corbijn, Control will be closing out the fest (that's worth the whole fest right there. i love j.d.)
west hollywood book fair:
"The multiple award-winning West Hollywood Book Fair is one of Southern California’s most eclectic literary events attracting over 20,000 readers and writers of all ages and interests. The West Hollywood Book Fair features over 300 participating authors, 12 stages with author panels and special guests, live storytelling, theater, poetry and performances and writing workshops, and over 100 exhibitors hosting activities, including local independent booksellers and literary non-profit organizations."
Sunday, September 30, 2007 10am to 6pm West Hollywood Park 647 N. San Vicente Blvd.
long beach flea
it's ebay live! picture a huge parking lot filled with anything and everything. deals and steals. takes place the 3rd sunday of each month and this is it! bring your cash and your little wire cart. i start hyper ventilating because of the sheer amount of amazing finds.
veteran's stadium, long beach click here for directions
the 23rd annual, abbott kinney festival
(you see here, it's ok to use 'annual') the ultimate venice block party.
"venice will take to the streets to celebrate its 102 years of community at the 23rd annual Abbot Kinney Festival. Running through the heart of Venice, Abbot Kinney Blvd will be closed to traffic from Main St. to Venice Blvd to accommodate 2 stages of live music, dancers and performance artists, a spectacular children's court, 3 food areas, a Spirit Garden, Green Living Pavilion and over 300 vendors featuring original, handcrafted goods".
added bonus- this year's fest is going green. click here for more info.
if you live in the L.A. area, you have absolutely no excuse to be bored this weekend. so, go be bored someplace else.

wedding planner -the beginning

as some of you might have ascertained, i'm getting married.
when i started scheming this whole fete up, i envisioned, napa in november. beautiful rich espresso colors, deep grapes, creamy linen, with a bit of olivey-citron thrown in for the joozsh.
sun setting over a vineyard with a long farm table covered in greefe's "lichtfield resist" fabric.
urns with tumbling loose (way looser than this, uptight bunch) arrangements. good friends, family. the whole dealio.
at my request, sfgirlbybay sent me names of great letter press designers, stylecourt sent me some fabulous pictures. she even gave me terminology for what i was trying to achieve, 'sophisticated farmhouse'. and my fabulous friend, landscape designer and blogger, robyn (aka gardenrooms) offered to help with the flowers.
super fun to create, and yea to the nay sayers, maybe impossible to make happen, as it was right around the corner.
then the whole plan changed. a dear friend and business partner of my S.O. came to us with an amazing offer and gift. have the wedding, at her home! on the beach! in mexico! my god. we would be idiots to say no! who gets this opportunity! saying yes, immediately, we rescheduled the whole event for spring and i started to reinvent the program.
first up: 'save the dates' there are a million incredible lines of stationary out there. a million. it's hard to choose. i like the fun, letterpress look. but honestly, a lot of it, is too goofy. (ok, whimsical) normally, i'm the mrs. john l. strong type. but i wanted something a bit more modern, and unconventional. i looked at about 14 different books with letterpress. loved a lot of them. but i was looking for something traditional, enchanting -yet, youthful and hip (like us.)
i found exactly what i was looking for with 'louella press' (none of these are the actually pattern i chose, i'll reveal that later)
the design i chose? i love it. it says mexico to me, but very stylized and not in an,
in your face, donkey-painted-like-a-zebra-wearing-a sombrero- mexico.
on second thought.....
photo of bridegroom birds: ann wood

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

i can totally make that-and so can you!

do it yourself headboards are some of the most satisfying home design projects. most of these are super easy to recreate. a little fabric a couple of doors even a random woven blind .
this is so easy to do, upholstered headboard. using mdf (medium density fiberboard) a jigsaw, trace and cut. when done, tack on some batting and your favorite fabric attaching to the back with a staple gun. got that? tools: jigsaw, staple gun and scissors. if you get bored with it, you can change out the fabric.
this one's for all of you l.a. hippy diy-ers. a bohemian twist, using a piece of fabric (that looks like you got it from pier1 circa 1979) tack it to the wall behind the bed and take a bong hit. this one works so well because of the medallion pattern. now just pop in that "rumors" 8 track and your all good.
a woven shade as a headboard. um. ok. but only if you're in college or under 22. otherwise. really? no. makes my nose itch looking at it.
this one is from my house. as usual, i took this shot, without proper styling or a concept of how to photograph a low-lit room. this room is tiny. something like 10x15. using two alder wood doors, stained ebony (using minwax stain) i bolted these, one on top of the other to create 'drama'. for a room lacking in personality or design detail and little room for much more than a bed, this worked beautifully.
here's, apt therapy blog writer, jonathan's version that is admittedly, way cooler: 'We stained two large plain closet doors, attatching them together with metal brackets. Before mounting it, we spaced it off the wall a few inches with a 2x4. Then mounted it to the 2x4 with velcro. We placed two small fluorescent strip lights behind to give it a glow. Overall, it gives a nice "boutique hotel" feel." ok, but mine took like an hour to make.
here's another version of the same idea.( i'd lose the thing at the foot and the column, and the chandelier) actually, this looks like it came from a european design mag. all of these images, including mine, came from apartment therapy

weego home

sometimes living in L.A. has its perks; proximity to beautiful beaches and mountains, great people watching, amazing weather and superb shopping. however, it seems to be a place where store proprietors feel it's ok to charge rather ridiculous prices for pieces that, if found say, oh, in the midwest would be half these prices.
charles stool, philppe starck, $272.00 each (i sort of get this)
roxy stool, $725 (welcome to l.a.)
open framed mirrors $550 each (this doesn't kill me, but they look more like 2 fitty)
mademoiselle chair $784 (pearl river + ikea) rex shelving unit $2,315
i don't know maybe it's just me. but i'd much rather spend a few Gs on a great antique at auction. oh and these are all from, which overall, has some really nice pieces. i'm just not sold on their price tags.

tiny aviary and how birds once scared the b-jeezuz out of me.

once when i was about 7 my best friend mary anne flatley and i were playing at a church near my house. i jumped down into a window well, landing on something soft. i looked down to find i was standing, barefoot, on a, huge, dead, mccaw parrot (believe me, i was thinking the same thing, 'what the hell?).
and i was not going to be able to get myself out. terrified, i begin to claw at the walls screaming for mary anne to run and get my sister. i don't even remember what happened next. (i got out obviously) but the phobia of birds began at that point. (try living in a city, with flighty gangs of pigeons at every turn. urban nightmare)
eventually, i got over this fear. and in fact, now, i love birds and i love a good piece of bird art. i even collect little vintage saucers, figurines and art off of ebay or where ever.
i found these bird pieces at the flea last summer. (i will say, i hesitated with the mc caw)
so when i ran across chicago illustrator, diana sudyka and her beautiful little blog, 'the tiny aviary' i was thrilled to be introduced to all ranges of bird art.
not to mention her own gorgeous work. i love, love this one, it truly is 'stellar'
and of course, like all good industrious artists, she has an etsy shop. check out her blog too. it's funny, these days i find birds so beautiful and even peaceful. they sing, they move beautifully, they're (design wise) amazing creatures sort of god's example of, industrial design perfection.
and what of that dead mccaw? well it turns out an old retired doctor, who lived near the church had several. one day, the maid opened the window and this bird flew out, subsequently meeting its demise in that window well. *i know there's some moral message, in this around living with your fears or finding beauty in your fears. but i'm just not that introspective today.

Monday, September 24, 2007

sign language

lighten up.

kitschy, whacky or elegant. a small collection of novel lighting ideas.
walteria living $149.00 kitschy “Carlos” , a small porcelain night light apparently just back from the vet. what's cuter (in that pathetic way) than an elizabethan collar? not snappy or yippy, carlos, emits warm glow when lit. something about this, cereal bowl light, reminds me of late night college guys coming home from the bars and eating their midnight snack, in the dark, while channel surfing. from wanderlust designs. available in seven different bowl colors, orders can be customized by contacting designer Chris Haines directly. The Cereal Bowl Light is $90 from Etsy and a beautiful piece of sculputure posing as a light fixture. this shouldn't even be in the same category as the above. "shoal" by artist scabetti manages to be beautifully delicate with hundreds of small, finely cast, bone china fish swimming around the central light source. Scabetti.

food art

super dig this guy's work. italian born, los angeles artist, carlo marcucci works mostly with food as his subject. i especially like the combo of the molecular structures with the fruit. these are nice and big. like i say, i love big art. statement stuff.

Friday, September 21, 2007

peace out

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Thursday, September 20, 2007

autumnal inspirations

Rusty, originally uploaded by paper-flower-girl.

let's start a collection....

by continuing my search for, 'vintage zebra' on ebay, yet another, great figurine. 1 1/4" high.
a puny pony. but an interesting little piece, none the less. vintage, wade of england figurine.

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

goings ons

a few fun happenings this week in L.A.:
the 'designers' networking group' , will be having its 6th design professionals networking mixer. held at the fabulous, nathan turner antiques.
what: meet some of the hottest interior designers and fantastic future interior designers, including, furniture and product designers and artists.
when: thursday, september 20th, 2007 7:00p.m.
where:nathan turner antiques 636 almont drive west hollywood (between doheny & robertson)
310.275.1209 rsvp to
"An Uneasy Calm"
what: the sculptures of peter harper and the music of michael chandler when: saturday, september 22, 7:00-10:00 p.m. where: the rico garcia fine art gallery, 1599 superior avenue, costa mesa, ca

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